Christmas cooking/baking/pickling whatever

Where you at? What you got planned?

Made candied orange/lemon peel and lebkuchen yesterday. Worked out pretty well.

Feel like baking something else before Crimbos but not sure what…

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Is this difficult?

Will do my traditional Christmas babka. I might make some tonight cause I’m hankering.

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Nah, not really. As long as you’ve got all the spices in and a food mixer/electric whisk it’s well straightforward. I chose to make my own candied peel, which took ages, but you don’t have to do that…

Much nicer freshly made than the shop bought ones (obviously)

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My Mummy does all the Christmas baking, she enjoys to do it.


I went with this recipe

And this for the peel

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I also enjoy to do this!

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I prefer cooking to baking but I do sometimes bake nonetheless

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I’d like to make a batch of this for my friend as a christmas gift.

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I’m going to get pickled at Christmas!


surely YOU’VE done some pickling?

Cooking, other than meals, has been hugely on the back burner* since baby.

*Front burners are broken AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I’m glad to hear you are still cooking your meals

(remember we went about 2 months before we were both able to eat a hot meal at the same time - can’t imagine how difficult it is with 2)

Might invent a halloumi and courgette pasta sauce tonight.

I asked 'er indoors if she could please add ground almonds to the shopping list and she said “the current one or the Christmas one?”, to which I replied “depends on how soon you want me to make lebkuchen”

She’s going home via Tezbots tonight.

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Normally do a stollen, so might do that. I’ve rather missed the boat on the Christmas cake this year.

There’s a rather interesting looking Christmas pudding cheesecake on the December page of the Good Food calendar that I’m rather tempted by, imo

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Gonna make this fo sho

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Usually get my stollen on at some point around now.

Still got wedding cake so have not done a Christmas cake this year.

Going to make some mince pie this week
Have people coming round for drinks on friday so will roast ham and makes some sausage rolls for that.

Might make something cakey for that as well. Potentially a yule log.