Christmas Cry Audit

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Cried happy tears at the triple amputee who got the wr for swimming a km. Seriously inspiring stuff.


Just shed my annual happy tears whilst watching Home Alone earlier.


Please vote accordingly.

CW death felt all emotionally happy earlier after tea, and then randomly thought of my Mum and how much she’d have like to be around and meet the cheeksters etc. Then stuck on the Low Christmas album just to get it all out at once. Tbh I cry quite a lot at Christmas so it’s not unexpected


Thoughts are with you.


Thanks man. I’m okay - it was nearly 25 years ago so the thought took me somewhat by surprise that’s all x


My grandma has advanced Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia and I don’t see her very often so shed a little tear at a video of her opening our Christmas present and getting excited about the colour of her new jumper. 3 years ago she was confidently cooking up a massive Christmas dinner for 14 people and now she has to have 24hr nurse-led care. But Christmas has always been really important to her so nice to see glimpses of her, because otherwise she’s extremely unwell and has no ability to vocalise.


@moderators can this be SSPed please? Feels useful to have a place for this kind of thing.


Nearly had an anxiety attack earlier but now I’m ok

Drinking cans and watching romancing the stone which is a bit shit but ok

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Aye am in Poland for Christmas so have had main meal already. Grandad started crying talking about my mum being missing from the table and I desceneded in to a big blub. Don’t think I’ll ever not cry at Christmas again.


I take 6mg of estrogen a day, so I cry about once every 3 hours whatever time of year it is.

Notable cries today include being at the theatre watching Ocean At The End Of The Lane which has all kinda daddy issues stuff going on in it, and it got me thinking about how my dad hasn’t spoke to me in 5 months, and how he doesn’t look at or acknowledge me when I’m in his company. Looking forward to another bit of that tomorrow.

And then we just watched the last episode of She-Ra, that’s always made me cry.

Best ever Christmas cry was the one time my parents managed to wrestle us into midnight church, and I bawled loudly all the way through because I was worried Father Christmas would pass through the neighbourhood during church, see we’re not sleeping and give us a lump of coal. 28 I was etc.


felt on the verge of it yesterday, (trying to avoid but ending up) explaining to some newish friends the non-event that it is for me now + why

you know how the bad stuff you have to live with becomes something you just bow your head and trudge through, but then it rises up and pulls you under

been distracted by toothache + stress since, but yeah

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CW Death


This is my first Christmas since my mum died very suddenly earlier this year. My brothers and I have now lost both parents at a relatively young age,and are trying to have a last Xmas in the home we grew up in. Had a first cry finding all the decorations in a box that she’d have normally put up before we arrived. And then fairly continuously during the last couple of days doing preparation jobs that she’d have always done. Whilst also feeling a bit guilty that in the past she was doing so much while everyone else sat around eating snacks.

Have got used to my dad not being here, but it’s going to feel very empty without my mum today. Think Christmas is going to always feel difficult from now on


Sorry for your loss

Ah this almost,almost got me changing my vote

:heart: It’s my first Christmas without my dad, and it’s really strange. Just me and my mum. Had a good cry as well. I hope you manage to have a nice time with your brothers. It’s hard.


Just teared up a little about Mimi when Low’s Blue Christmas played :heart:


Yeah had a very tough time last night and had to just knock myself out. Feel just a bit numb today. Not grief, just normal despair. Go again.