Christmas Day thread

Merry Christmas DiS!

What are you up to? I’m trying to keep an excited 4 year old in bed for a little longer… but failing!



Going to my sisters at 1.30. Bumming around until then

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I’ve been awake on and off since about 4am as (this sounds ludicrous) THEY ONLY HAVE ONE PILLOW TO SLEEP WITH HERE AND IT’S REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE FFS

I need sleeps


It sounds ludicrous because it is!

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Woken at 5.30 by daughter yelling about it being Christmas.

She is now sleeping. Gah


Pls Theo I need another pillow :sob:

Mid-evening here.

At my gf’s brother’s place with loads of their family and in-laws. It’s not been toooo bad. Good food (the traditional mixed with barbecue steak and sausages), pretty chilled, no racist uncles and now we’re playing Settlers of Catan.


Why do your parents not have a second one?? This is terrible

It’s Mike’s parents. I guess that’s just how they roll :person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

Woken up early again. Really annoying, I’ve been struggling to get up at this time for months but when I’m practically off for 3 weeks, BOOM! wide awake. Driving down to spend the day with my wife’s family, then back up tomorrow evening, before one day back at work on Thursday.

Happy merry Christmas day everyone!


Morning early Christmassers, I got woken up by the house phone ringing as the TV’s nan’s had a fall :slightly_frowning_face: hoping she’s ok, my in-laws have gone round to check on her. Hopefully she won’t have to go to hospital as apparently she sounded alright on the phone.

I’ve got a cold and couldn’t get back to sleep so I’ve snuck downstairs to avoid bothering the TV and I’m now having a festive breakfast of Weetos.

Merry Christmas!

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No pillows is how they roll FFS?

Can’t you just nip over to your folks’ and borrow one?

Oh no, hope all is okay for her. Rubbish Christmas news :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks, the fact she got up and got to the phone is a good sign so :crossed_fingers:t3:


Happy Christmas everyone.

Decided to play this on my daughter’s present


Merry morning!

R has given me the Christmas present of not walking up early :heart:

A but anxious about a day of no routine, but hopefully Christmas spirit gets me through.

@nemrac I hope your tv’s nan is ok x





Laying in my daughter’s bed, son has just woken up this second. Think we’re about to start the day.

Happy ruddy Xmas you lot!!!


Feel a bit sad pocketmouse hasn’t posted. Doesn’t seem like DiS Christmas without their input.

Merry Christmas DiSsers!

After a movie marathon yesterday I’m waiting for my parents to wake up whilst listening to a rooster making a deepthroated squawk-howl to the rising sun.

Today: Breakfast, lunch with my grandad and then napping in front of the TV but I really need to walk as my legs are starting to get twitchy already. Anyone else get this at this time of the year?