Christmas decorations thread

Let’s have a look at your decorations (lights, trees and anything else) please.

I don’t have any up yet, just some holly.

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I had such beautiful decorations that took me years to accumulate, then when my nan died I inherited hers which I’d always admired and were all from the 50s.

Lost them in a house move.

It really upsets me, I don’t mind the ones I have now but I feel such a doofus for losing them.

Anyway just the tree up this year so far but as it gets closer to Xmas I’ll buy some mistletoe and a fresh garland with berries and shit.

I like my Mexican lady though, and my suffragette



Tree with very lopsided angel

I like borderline tacky animal ornaments

Found some nice beads but can’t figure out what to do with them so they’re on the beams for now

Picked up this deer from Sainsburys the other day

Lights and Christmasy things around the fire

Hanging decorations on window

Will sort out the dresser later. Have been on the lookout for a nativity set where the figurines aren’t ridiculously white but no luck - might just get a wooden outline one


cool owl

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The Helen Dardik one has a couple of non-white faces in but a bit child like…


It’s not for me, but I appreciate that non- traditional nativity sets are in some ways more accurate. Saw a traditional nativity set today in which Mary was not only porcelain-skinned, but had light blonde hair. Whyyyyyy? (Racism, I know)



tree is up :+1::christmas_tree:

need something to go on the top imo


Ours is up. Here’s a really shit photo cos I can’t be cba to get up, turn the big light on and do it properly…


white dog under the tree is obviously in fashion this year :+1:

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Just noticed yours - it’s the exact same one I think haha.

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Got a whole bunch of these big paper snowflakes from Wilkinson this year (as well as the 80p version there is a larger £1 variant) and am very pleased with them - they fill up a huge space for very little money but fold down completely flat for storage and also no plastic (other than the packaging - wish they could put stuff like this in wax paper rather than cellophane). Would look especially good on a dark wall I think :snowflake:

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Got a really good tree this year :christmas_tree:


I still don’t have any decorations up, it’s the latest I’ve been in many years.

I have a small fake tree at home, but the proper tree at my parents’ house doesn’t go up until the 23rd.

I posted a pic of the tree yesterday. We’ve also got fairy lights up in the window, round the bookcase and above a couple of doorways.

I thought I’d draw your attention to a couple of decorations on our tree. There was a time when everything on our tree was neatly arranged and properly coordinated. This isn’t the time any more! Nevertheless I quite like the hotchpotch. Favourites include:

The Santa and angel that my sister-in-law brought back from Uganda

A cardboard tube angel (probably something that one of them brought back from nursery one year but I can’t remember)

And a “boingy Santa” which we won in a game called The Present Game. It’s seen better days but I think it’s kind of quaint



Outside tree up. Needs more lights, which I’ll sort tomorrow.

Now for indoors.