Christmas decorations thread



Join the bright side!


Posted my tree in the wrong thread didn’t I :woman_facepalming:

Here it is!

Though I think @deadonthestairs has won this year on the festive tree front


Tree up! Fao laelfs, glittery baguette. Decorated with Sufjan’s Songs for Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas :blush:

Forget to get a tree topper so we improvised with the photos we used on top of our wedding cake, going in for a loving headbutt.


I cannot believe you have hung a baguette from your tree, this is the oddest and best tree decoration I’ve ever seen. :joy::joy::joy:



No tree. Just a few lights


Supposed to putting ours up later. Can’t be bothered and the driving force, the TV, is asleep. Might get away with it for another day.




i’m gonna make an egg nativity like this but with faces drawn on the eggs


Stone cottage sweat shop!


This looks like the coziest room :disappointed_relieved:


looks lovely in there



:evergreen_tree: Christmas :evergreen_tree:


Who gave your tree a flat top?


Might complain to HR about the level of Christmas decorations I’ve been subjected to at work


That’ll do


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I love your clock :grinning:

Lovely tree too.


Thanks! Habitat special…is very good for quarter past blue type jokes. :smile:


Good spot, I will chastise the assembler.