Christmas desserts


So christmas pudding is a must, but what else? Thinking about a maybe a trifle

So salmon, prawns or spice, thanks.






Soup may not be boring, but you probably don’t want it twice in a three course meal


surely there’s only one to be had this christmas?–-5-hotspot-_-6-bananatrifle







I’ll be having Christmas Pudding for sure, trifle will be available but it’s horrendous and Yule Log will be available but I’ll save it for Christmas tea.


Chocolate truffle torte!


Ooft some really similar shots from the Vienetta production line in there. Christmas made!


Don’t forget this.


never forget


I absolutely hate Christmas Pudding.

My mum will have one on the table though.
But I’ll probably have one of the following

Fruit Salad and Cream
Black Forest Gateaux
Some Roulade
Hot mince pie and cream


Goat’s cheese eclairs sound amazing!


there’s more here


Chocolate cheesecake, lemon tart and trifle are the standards in our house.


Their salmon gateau sounds far nicer. Makes more sense to wang a few crepes in as layers.


i always make a banoffee pie. None of my family like christmas pudding but we always buy one.