Christmas Dips - poll of all polls thread

Vote for your favourite and the biggest festive question of the post-WW2 years will be finally settled…

  • Pink one
  • White one
  • White one with green bits
  • White one with orange and green bits

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Thousand Island is fucking delicious and classy as fuck.


They’re absolutely dreadful, but so is almost all Christmas food.

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I have no idea what any of these are. We don’t have dips at Christmas??


Come on, we don’t need any of this ‘…i’ve not heard of massively popular things’ on tonight of all nights.

Every single supermarket sells them. They’re as Christmassy as sprouts.

And as shit.


White one if you mean the garlic one.

Had a set from Tesco the other day. Instead if thousand island it was sweet chilli mayo. I don’t like either but sod off with mayo.

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Come on, mate


Dreadful and yet it’s basically what I have for dinner every night for two weeks.

My question is why, given we consume about a million gallons of hummous a year now, why haven’t we simply replaced them with the better ones instead of living in 197fucking4 every year?

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The salsa one is the best. That and the gauc.

Was actually saying to my sis earlier ‘who the fuck likes the pink dip?!’

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My rule for guacamole (four syllables) is it’s shite if it’s got pink bits in.

They’re not part of this quiz, though, and salsa’s never ever nice.

:raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_woman:

Give me the pink dip and some lightly salted Doritos and I’m happy

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Moving away from Christmas dips for just a second. I had beetroot and mint dip the other day. Brilliant. Actually said ‘foookin hell’ really loud in the work canteen when i first tasted it and got some strange looks.

Yes! Such a good dip. Think I overdid it a few years ago though and can’t really face it anymore. Great with mackerel.

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If we’re now talking all things that come in a tub there is a great broadbean, mint and asparagus hummus in Tesco


sorry to dampen the festive spirit here, but the only properly decent dip is hummous.

  • yes
  • no

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To be honest, i can’t remember. The only one I’ve tried so far this year was an individual pot of the white one and orange and green bits, which someone left here a week ago and that went off on Friday. I ate some earlier with some salt and vinegar ketttle chips. I’m not sure either product had much respect for the other, but that didn’t stop me eating enough to make me feel a sensation I’ve not experienced since New Year’s Day.

Silly talk

OMG I only ever found this one once and it seemed to va ish when I wanted it again.

Dips are so good. Christmas dips are so bad.