Christmas / End of year STATS!



Most liked, liked by? Most popular post/topic in the past year? And whatever else your heart desires

I was planning on posting individual stats but just gonna do the full screenshot thing now cause cba

(Honestly thought that pubes thread was last year. My, how time flies!)

No surprise, I still like everyone else’s post way more than they like mine :woman_shrugging:

31 38 42

(Hiya @japes and @ericthefourth)

Now your turns


I mean, probably we could get some behind the scenes stats as well? Would we need Theo for that or could we lowly moderators do it? No idea


Still really like aggpass



god you are such a bike wanker


I’m trying really hard to rehabilitate into society


Just the usual unbalanced love-in with @Jeremys_Iron, plus a couple of other 1:2 likes to liked ratios to boot

That ‘problematic’ thread post is one of the best things I’ve done all year tbf


I’m seeing a lot of my little neon head in the most liked by section but not in the most liked :sob: waaaaah


Hang on a minute I’ll rectify that




Just liked the 6 most recent posts on your activity feed




Thanks honeybunch :kissing_heart:


And another!


Stop liking my kindness! This does nothing to redress the balance!!


I spent HOW LONG on this site? :cry:

Funnily enough my top topics were all AQOS…

All the usual suspects, as always need to start giving more likes than I receive…


I feel like I like everything you post! This is indeed weird.


why are there like 1800 views of my profile haha please no stalkers


Haha aww, that’s the main thing!! :heart:


I still don’t understand where you can see this??? (I am a top qualified moderator pals)

EDIT: Figured it out.