Christmas Eve Eve daily thread

Morning all. How are you?

We had a rather nasty shock first thing this morning. Mrs CCB and I were woken at 5.15am by the fire alarm going off in our bedroom. (For context, our bedroom is the top floor of a three-storey townhouse and our children’s bedrooms are downstairs). We bolted out of bed and ran downstairs in a panic - but there was no fire, smoke or anything. Both the girls were peacefully asleep. No idea why it went off, but thank goodness it was a false alarm.

Anyway, what are you all up to today? Still in work? Finished for Christmas? Out and about? I hope you’re all okay. You’re a lovely bunch x

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Morning ccb :heart_eyes:

Still in bed. Work until lunchtime, then might go for a quick bike ride depending on the rain. Standard.

It’s DiSmas today so I’m eagerly awaiting the thread so I can post about what :santa: got me…


Oh, I didn’t take part this year! Happy DiSmas, all involved :santa: :gift: :partying_face:


Working today audit

  • Aye

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Morning c_c_b, all

Got a plumber coming round shortly hopefully going to solve my sink woes. Working but probably not a full day then off until next Tuesday. Can’t wait to fill my time with… reading and watching TV like the past nine months 🤷🏻

Busiest day of the year. 2 turkey crowns delivered. Looks like I’m ruining some more Christmases today.

As I’ve been at work since 4, I’ve decided to treat myself to a bacon roll :drooling_face:


Last day of the year at work for safebruv

So much to do. Got up at 6 and started work.


Going to pick the turkey and etc up from Morrisons shortly.

Going to give blood later this morning and then I’ve ordered 100 samosas to go and collect this afternoon (not all for me, although I’d give it a good go).

Usual bit of dog walking squeezed in at some point as well.



Morning all,

Last few days in work have been a wash, there’s basically no way to clear out tasks with so many people out. Will just sort the old inbox. Hopefully last few presents also arrive today :cowboy_hat_face:

Ideal for the upcoming week of picky dinners, Christmas presents and shoving in the freezer!

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Loooooong day ahead. Start my full day shift in the bookshop at 11 (expect it to be fully crazy today), but got up at 7 to do some freelance work I should have finished yesterday. BUT after today I have the rest of the week off so that’ll be VERY welcome.

DiSmas! :gift::christmas_tree::+1:


Morning ccb &co

Excited for seeing DiSmas opening.

Meeting brother’s gf later at a suitable distance when she drops off presents.

Dealing with a perpetually grumpy R who I cannot seem to make at all happy recently.

DiS Mario Kart tonight.

not fully awake yet but thought i better make the thread

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Morning party people!

I’m currently in the queue at the butchers to pick up our turkey. There’s about forty or fifty people ahead of me :grimacing:

Good job I’ve got a quiet day ahead of me and don’t have anything to rush back for!

Got a day off to myself. Will probs spend most of it tidying the house. Can’t even find the playstation controller ffs.

Morning! Woke at half seven so am up and contemplating the pre Christmas today and clean up.

Then it’s sitting about and reading my book.

WFH two days before Christmas isn’t best is it? Choices in the CCB household:

  • work downstairs with the giddy excitement of the rest of the CCB household around me
  • work on my bed with no decorations / Christmas stuff around

Plus generally



Hi there. Was at Morrisons at 7am, absolutely fine, breezed round and was back in bed by 7.52. Not got much to do now other than eating.