Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Wotcha mates


gotta get some bread mate, hope they still have some

Literally beat me to that exact thread title, tilters. Good work!

Just had beans on toast, got a zillion things to wrap, and a Hamilton themed present reveal to create for my son.

Want an early night but think I might be too caffeinated to sleep.


Watching South Park and drinking an abbot. Got rid of the in-laws. Leftover venison ragu for dinner. Cried off a night out because we’re both done in.

What shall we watch tonight?

  • Zombieland 2
  • Joker

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On the bus to Clonmel, have four tins of G&T with me. Need to plan when I’m cracking the first one.

M&S or Gordon’s?

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Gordon’s PLUS some fancy looking Tesco variety as I wanted to branch out.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Annoyed that I can’t get on the Christmas beers because my ability to use crutches is suspect enough when entirely sober, let alone when my coordination is impaired :frowning:


Don’t know about the Tesco ones but the Gordon’s ones are quite sweet and not massively strong. Start with the Tesco ones.

Solidarity FL. My GF has had a damaged foot for weeks
I hope you’re okay.


Good call. I’d take a photo but it’s pitch black on this bus.

Protip for crutches: oar grips for the handles, prevents the agonising blisters

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Also I assume you’ve checked the bus loo is in order

Yes it is!

Bliss. Absolute bliss. Get cracking.

Out of stock mate…


Dvd releases are so quick these day :wink:

I’ve got a McDonald’s.

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Oh no.
You okay, what happened?
Just make yourself cosy and get the folks to look after you and get you snacks and drinks.

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