Christmas Eve Eve Thread

Can’t sleep (clowns will eat me) so here I am starting the thread before 6am

What are your plans for today, DiS?

I’m going for a nandos with a couple of friends, then I’m gonna hang out with their adorable dog for a bit, then it’s off to dad’s as I haven’t seen him yet since I’ve been home. Then back to mums, she has made GOULASH and we are gonna watch PADDINGTON 2. Last night we had fish and chips and watched Paddington 1. Really love my mum, GBOL.


Hangover. Bed. Stay


On a 9am train to Edinburgh, hence also being up at 6am. Not back until January 3rd :hugs::boom::snowman:

Just off to work. Busiest day of the year, crammed into 6hrs trade :grimacing:

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Body clock is still all over the place since my holiday so been to bed at 9pm and up at 5am :upside_down_face:

Today is present opening day for some, need to grab some food from the vegan shop as a present, then going out to a pub to play darts :confused: (with some of the TVs family)

Kinda just want to sit and play with my synth all day though :frowning:

At the GYM pre work. Only person here. Arms day brother. Really terrible house/trance play list on. Might get a maccas breakfast (cheesy bacon flatbread, sausage n egg bagel, hash browns and coffee) as a lil treat.

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To the Isle we go!

Can feel a sore throat coming on. Ffs

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Trying to pull a sickie for the trip?



It is raining


Looks so grim outside. Like it isn’t hard enough being awake this time??

Bike or no bike?


But it is raining

Might be lazy and get the train to Waterloo and then get some poor bastards to pick us up in East Cowes (two cars needed)

It is pissing down here. I’d be training if I were you

Decided to roll into work later as I wanted a cuppa

Good morning Juke, Jukettes

I should be out of bed already but I really don’t want to be. Not feeling very jolly anymore. Bah humbug.

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Heading back from my parents’ this morning. Need to keep two excited children occupied for a two hour train journey :grimacing:

Just about to take my parents’ dog for a big walk before we go. Going to miss him, really want a dog now :cry:

Join Borrow My Doggy! We have two dog pals we get to walk regularly from that.

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Stayed in a hotel in Birmingham last night to break up the drive back down south for Christmas. Went out for an amazing curry and drinks (probs too many given my fuzzy head today). Off to my Dad’s for our Christmas Day today :christmas_tree::clinking_glasses:Haven’t seen him since I moved away in June so I’m very excited! :partying_face:


I’d never heard of that, such a great idea! Should probably just go up and visit my parents more tbh.

Up early to drive to Wales.




Why am I doing this to myself?