Christmas Eve Eve thread

Can’t sleep. Need more sleep. Baaaah.

Gonna walk the dog and hope I pass out hbu.


Working today audit

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I’m beginning to worry that I’m not going to shift this (non-Covid) throat infection before the weekend. Another appalling night’s sleep last night.

My out of office went on yesterday evening though, so I have two days to prep and recover.

Today I intend to make stollen, if I achieve this I will post a photo as evidence. Have some fun.


Feeling rough as hell after my booster yesterday, so will mainly be suffering in a quietly dignified fashion.

Also keeping a 7 month old entertained and continuing to adventure with everyone in the Citadel of Chaos thread.


Morning. Got to get some bits I couldn’t get in Aldi last night. One of them is brie, so I’m wondering whether or not to schlep over to Nunhead to Ayres and get some cheese there. It’s quite far away for my little legs carrying a baby though.

Him indoors is working today, but then he’s off until February :astonished:

Working til 2ish then driving down to Essex

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning troops

Kids are being dropped off at my parents at 830am, their instamce, and my partner and I are off to a toy shop and Asda very early to get the last of our stuff.

Then an afternoon of baking and chilling. Yesterday was my Friday, so Christmas has started.

Got a pub night with my ATDs this evening that I have been switherin about going to. I want to, don’t get me wrong, but it is a bit risky. Liklihood of getting sick is high. That being said, it’s been a long time since I saw them all.

I’m about to start my 2nd 12 hour shift of five consecutive ones.

Covid’s meant that around 30% of staff in my department are off :pensive:



Going to the dog cafe this morning, don’t think anything else really matters


Morning superstars

Feeling a bit weak after going a bit heavy on the wine last night, was good to be out and having fun though.

Supposed to be hitting up the local market for cheese, supermarket for last bits and locating mincemeat and baking this afternoon.

Have asked nicely for a :coffee: so that should help


Big respect from all of us here

I’m awake but don’t want to be. Might just get up and do a few wee jobs around the house.

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The eldest informs me that this day is known as “Little Christmas” in Norway, according to a book she read. Happy Little Christmas everyone!

I’m working again. Need to get a PCR as well - I’m not feeling terrible but I do feel pretty washed out etc, and as the youngest has it, I’d be surprised if I don’t.

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Good morning from the queue at Barfields Butchers. Picking up the turkey and pigs in blankets of one of a few jobs to get done on the day off I’ve taken. The Christmas shop should arrive around the time I get home too. Maybe at some point I’ll think about doing some wrapping?

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Yeeeeeeaahhh boi!

Ah, the local coffee shop has just offered coffee to everyone in the queue!


Few last small gift bits to get today, and I want to stock up on some snacks and cheese and treats because when our online shopping turned up yesterday we realised we’d been far too sensible for Christmas.


I haven’t had more than two continuous hours of sleep for over a week now and I’m not going to lie it is starting to get a bit annoying.

Instead of lying around in bed moaning in pain I decided to cut my losses this morning and get up and go for a dawn walk in the park which was nice and did some decent work on my back pain, but I still feel like shit and need to get some kip somewhere today. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be getting any Christmas shopping done today. :frowning: