Christmas Eve Eve

I’m travelling back to London today. Quite excited about it cause I spunked on train tickets so I get to do the journey in relative comfort :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What you up to today?


Morning Rarity, TickNip, DiSers to yet to appear,

Just opened my DiSmas present so feeling rather jolly after waking up moody from falling asleep at 8pm without brushing my teeth and missing out on an evening of relaxing.

Really want to take R out somewhere today, not sure if there is anywhere that won’t be hell from the pre+Christmas and school holidays combo :frowning:


Ooh what did you get?

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morning DiS

up early to start the secret santa thread :santa:

works xmas lunch later. can’t really be bothered with it but oh well. better than actually working i guess.

Save it for Thursday


Thank you for your service :raising_hand_woman:


Forgot to unsrt my work alarm didn’t I.

Pretty hungry.

Some srs wind and rain against the window is nice.



At work. Here till 6pm. Boo.

At work, here to 4pm boo. I started 2hrs early than @anon19035908 did. Biggest day of the year. Want a cuppa and a cuddle in bed though

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  • work
  • no work
  • work but not work work

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Packing for a week split between two different families
Picking up rental car
Loading up rental car with absurd number of gifts
Driving down south to my sister’s
Getting harassed by my nephew for my Switch so he can play Pokémon
Avoiding politics chat

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Can’t wait

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  • Go back to sleep
  • You’re awake now
  • Bite to eat, bit of read then mid morning nap

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I really do want to go out, why do I have to be so scared of people?

Off work now.

Gonna play loads of Stellaris, then my sausage dog pal is coming round for a bit so we’ll probably watch a movie.

Pub quiz this evening.


Can’t believe I was up at half five and R is still asleep. Wish I’d gone to get some breakfast by myself rather than wait for him.

Gotta use up some food before I go so having a sausage/hash brown sandwich with a side helping of spaghetti hoops for breakfast :blush:


Took in a big lunch of pasta to work but I’m hungry NOW

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Morning Rarity et al

Working today, got a new starter so going to be a bit of a day. Imagine starting a new job two days before Xmas?! Going to be a lovely boss and tell her to bugger off at 1pm tomorrow and not bother coming in between Xmas and New Year. No real point in her coming in then.

This evening, pick up the last couple of bits and pieces present wise, wrap the kids’ stocking presents and pack for Tuesday evening.