Christmas Eve Eve

Morning Rarity et al

Working today, got a new starter so going to be a bit of a day. Imagine starting a new job two days before Xmas?! Going to be a lovely boss and tell her to bugger off at 1pm tomorrow and not bother coming in between Xmas and New Year. No real point in her coming in then.

This evening, pick up the last couple of bits and pieces present wise, wrap the kids’ stocking presents and pack for Tuesday evening.


Do you have any good options for replacement lunch if you eat it now? If so, snarf the lot immediately, it is Christmas Eve Eve after all…

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R is still asleep

  • Wake him up
  • Let him sleep

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I should have made EVEN MORE PASTA yesterday

Eight hours worth ideally

Just stare my boss down and make pasta last for the entire working day


It is vitally important that everyone spoils themselves on such a big holiday :ok_woman:


Should admit I’m voting from an adult very pro sleep perspective and not my childhood wake up at 7 to watch cartoons

Notable that all voters so far are not parents, and so unfamiliar with the consequences later in the day of a late wake up.

Went does he have to choose to sleep in on the day I wake up super early?

Can’t believe I missed the geography chat in the evening thread yesterday


I was sad to miss this also.

Off to see Frozen 2 again this morning then I believe @andyvine is popping over.

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Woke him up, the parents spoke sense. Also @tricklenipple.

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Dog walk and hospital this morning.

This afternoon Mrs W is taking the kids to see Frozen 2 - from which I have been excused. Instead I’m going to lie on the sofa and watch Road House, featuring Patrick Swayze.


Got my phone battery to 69

iirc children enjoy life, so getting up is good.

man this post is a bit bleaker than intended. breakfast time.


The only person in my dept that is in the office today SITS RIGHT NEXT TO ME.
You couldn’t make it up.

ps - Good morning everyone!!


Which is why I voted to wake him up (though better today than tomorrow)

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I’m drinking some Vietnamese cinnamon coffee and listening to the rain outside.

If I was clever, I’d get to the shop early for supplies for the week but I’m in the kitchen mooching on the internet.


Why the fuck did I not book this day off. Have a full hellscape of emails to deal with this morning :grimacing:

Merry chrimus

In work for an 11 hour shift.
Oh dear reader, there is no proper way for me to express how much I CBA.

Headphones on

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Listening to Helado Negro, gonna try sort my Top 10 albums of the year

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