Christmas Eve Thread

Anglos a Christmas Eve everybody!

Plans for today? Panic buying last minute pressies? Sitting in a pub? Both?

Enjoy yourselves. I’m in no way envious.

Sitting in Gatwick.
6:25 flights should be illegal.

But really looking forward to going home, ages since I’ve been back in Ireland.


Hi folks,

Went to Melbourne south bank, where there’s lots of watery things for kids to play in. Foolishly on my part I was the only person who wore trunks and a rash vest, so I was on child duty most of the morning. Schoolboy error. Bloody knackered now.

Off to see the local Xmas lights later, in the hope that the drive will send Jimbo to sleep (after it took hours yesterday)


Hangover. Bed. Stay.


Off to work! Only a half-ish day, should be done by about 2 (hopefully).

Gonna pop in to see my Nan on the way home, the it’s time to get the cheese and beer out.

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Good morning. I was given today off, while 'er asleep next to me has to go in early, so obviously I’m awake in time for work. Oooh, a yawn! maybe if i just close my eyes.

Morning richty, all. Just one more shift to get through and at 5.45ish I’ll be away and can start Christmas properly. Got my sister and brother in law coming for dinner later so will fish out the medium-good quality booze.

Morning all

I’m in work today but then off for the rest of the week. Had to walk to the station but there’s something quite pleasant about walking through an empty park before dawn

Today will either be spent (a) calmly dealing with any outstanding emails and tasks or (b) being stuck in the office til early evening because of some emergency or another. We shall see.


Morning early birds.

Another one working today, hoping for an early release still need to wrap stocking presents.

Dinner at half five with friends and an unmitigated bell-end. With a bit of luck I will be at the far end of the table, sadly I imagine luck will be against me as it usually is. One word of inappropriate sexist or racist bullshit and I am calling it out.

After that, a traditional drive around a local place which has Xmas light wars, back to the ex’s where I’ll sleep in my son’s room for the night.

For those working, solidarity. Hope things aren’t too awful.

For those off today, envy.

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I’m Also sat in an airport, I’m also hungover

This is awful

Went to bed at 1am. Kids awake since 5am. Gave up trying to go back to sleep so went to a little local artisan cafe


Why am I awake?

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Morning rich, stay strong bro :fist:


I’m hungover, wfh this morning then on a train to the in laws this evening for Christmas.

Somehow won at darts last night :partying_face:

Everyone needs to take a minute to think of our retail brothers and sisters today. Walked by Sainsbos on my way to the gym and there was already a queue of disgruntled looking people.


Girlfriend was supposed to be working a half day today but decided to sack it off. However she also forgot to turn her alarm off :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Watching a bit of Supergirl now. Gotta go out and get a few final bits, and do some food shopping today.

Pub and then to Cineworld tonight to see Die Hard, that classic Christmas fi-



Went to bed at a normal hour for the first time in a week and have been rewarded with a mouth that feels like it’s full of razor blades. Yay!

Going to mums to drop off gifts and then to Peckham where I shall be until Boxing Day.

Got to do a bit of work this morning then it’s a big tidy of the house. Fun!

Good morning assorted people,

Hope everyone working today gets through without too much stress and ends up home on time.

Started the day festively with Christmas tree crumpets.

R has his Christmas II with his dad and grandpa today so packing him off there soon. Got to get a couple of last bits of food shopoing. Also bargained with my brother that he will pick my prescription up for me if I get some photos printed for him, pretty sure bith tasks will be as rotten as each other today :woozy_face:


Heading to Christmas 2 out of 3 with my bf’s family today.

Last night my sister announced she was pregnant - I’m going to be an Auntie!!! :sparkles::grin: