🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



The alsi specialbuys this week have loads of great wooden toys, started yesterday and sold out online so you might have to hurry to get anything you want. @Flashinglight if you can’t get the lidl pizza M has the asda one which is really nice and the box it comes in turns inside out to make a takeaway pizza box.


Ooh, thanks - hoping Lidl will have it, I can get there about half hour after opening so should have most things :crossed_fingers: . Really want to get him the kitchen but we have no room for it here :frowning:

Aldi is annoying to get to for me otherwise I would have been all over some of their stuff.


The lidl one is cool, my friend’s son has it.

Well the asda one is showing as sold out but it’s just because they’ve got a toy sale on, they always restock their wooden toys. M has all their wooden stuff including the kitchen and I’ve got such envy. Even though, obviously, I have a real kitchen :slight_smile:


The ice rink at Natural History Museum has just opened, it looks adorable :heart_eyes:


I actually still have my really awesome wooden oven my dad made me up in the loft, but there are two things going against it: it has an eye level grill bit, which will look weird to R (whereas for me it was a good replica of whst we had at the time) and also it is just an oven so no sink/cupboards/microwave/etc like you get on the new ones.

Might get one anyway and hope we are in our own place by his birthday in June :thinking:

Getting a bit stressed out by Christmas this year because everyone is asking what to get R, which is great, but also I always blank when they ask. Wish I could just buy things when I see them and get the money back.


Oh my, asda do a foldaway one!
This might work :grinning:

Edit: the link however, does not work.


Maybe set up an amazon wish list? You can install something on chrome where you can add things from any site to the list too, though I always forget to do this.

But I do think all the presents at Christmas is ludicrous, and would also prefer money as I go! Malin had last year’s present from me in October, and this year I gave it to her in September…because I don’t see any point saving it at this point when she’s so small. I got her a dolls house this year so we’re slowly decorating it together then at Christmas she’s getting the furniture for it, so I think that’s more enjoyable than getting it all in one go.


We’ve done similar staggering before - had things early so he can make the most of them, opened presents on different days so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. Also he was sick last Christmas so I think it took like a fortnight to open everything.

I’ve suggested book tokens to people before but they always seem to want to get him something instead. Book tokens are great though because it is three things in one: something to open, a fun trip to the book shop (R absolutely loves this) and then books to read over and over.

Decorating the dolls house together sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile:


My first of the season


Have you started your Christmas shopping (if you’re buying gifts)?

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  • No

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checks watch



No, but mainly cos two of the four people I buy gifts for have birthdays between now and Christmas.


That’s very selfish of them. I have family with November birthdays, including my dad’s wife who is difficult to buy for!


Reckon my sister in law will have all her Xmas shopping done by now, never mind started.

I don’t understand people like that. Even a joyless husk like me can appreciate that part of the fun (yes, I have just used that word to describe it) of Christmas shopping is y’know… shopping when it’s getting all Christmassy. The shops are rammed and playing Christmas songs, the Christmas lights are on, it’s cold and you can have a frankfurter and glühwein for lunch.


YES! I love all of those things! We’re going to Berlin in December for allllll the Christmasy stuff.


I’ve actually decided to give up celebrating it with the family and will be volunteering full time over the holiday at a centre for homeless families

hard to enjoy excess and luxury when you know there are kids all around us who have no home



Only got my dad’s present early as I’ve got him Ashes tickets for next summer and I needed to nab a pair before they sold out. Everyone else’s presents are getting bought a couple of weeks before Christmas in a mad teary panic.


Just in case people need lunch ideas.


Feels like this needs spoilering :nauseated_face:


“Want to save money next Christmas? Terrify your children this year! They’ll be put them off the holiday for life - or your money back!”