🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



Oh dear god,teddy!


Also, where is deadturkeyted in this photo? Looks like he’s on a pavement or something mental




If a mod can do it then yes! :grimacing:


Yay what day you going?


First day, figured it’d be less rowdy than a Friday or Saturday


Ah did you have preference from going last year? I didn’t get any in the ballot and was only day 4 left (other than singles) after that.


Nah I didn’t get tickets in the ballot but got an email the other day with a presale code for before they went on general sale


Ah I got the email but didn’t notice til about 10pm last night so wasn’t much choice left. Was tempted by a single for day 1.


This plan warmed my heart. What a lovely idea!


Christmas Starbs are out guys!!!




Had a cinnamon spice flat white earlier, was barely spiced :frowning:


Just had to choose what I will be eating at a work xmas lunch in early December

(duck pate thing, turkey and cheese board for dessert FYI)


Actually looking forward to a nice Christmas break this year.

Are we doing secret Santa? I still laugh at my calendar regularly :heart:


Had the No Turkey Feast sandwich from M&S today and it was pretty fucking tasty.

Too much cranberry in the first bite but the crispy onions and herby vegan mayo really balance it out.

A solid 8/10.


The Christmas cacti are blooming already, 'tis the season.


Just done this too. Kept it simple.

Smoked Salmon

Roast Turkey

Salted Caramel Profiteroles


Oooo wish those profiteroles were an option on my menu, and salmon


They banned this ad from TV as it’s ‘political’ apparently ffs