🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



As if Iceland and Greenpeace wouldn’t have known this from the outset.

It’ll do a gazillion views on YouTube instead.

Edit: under a 15 year old piece of legislation


So this has fully irked me on multiple levels.

  1. A salad and hummus sandwich is NOT a Christmas sandwich Pret, you absolute pricks.
  2. A falafel and hummus sandwich is NOT a Christmas sandwich Starbucks, you absolute pricks.
  3. A falafel and hummus WRAP is NOT a Christmas sandwich Sainsbury’s, you absolute pricks.

Not mentioned here but I had the Tesco Wicked Kitchen christmas sandwiches yesterday (yes I ate two sandwiches).

Bubble And Squeak Sandwich - too many carbs, not enough sauce.
Smoky Carrot And Dill - an attempt to do vegan smoked salmon. Good flavour and dill mayo was a nice addition but it was all a bit too slimy.

M&S still winning the vegan Christmas sandwich race.


What’s the M&S one? Don’t have an M&S immediately near me anymore so I have missed their festive studd thus far :-1:


It’s roast fake turkey soya chunks, sage mayo, cranberry sauce, stuffing and spinach. An absolute banger.


Urmmm might try doing this with fresh sprouts but this certainly isn’t an obvious combo in my books.


The crappy ‘German’ Christmas market is up in Southampton. Is YOURS?

  • My towns crappy Christmas market is up
  • My town doesn’t have one
  • I live in London and therefore the concept of this kind of market is completely alien to me, you hick.

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The one in Leeds is the fucking worst.


I managed to do half my shopping last night! Me! Half of it! And we’re not even halfway through November! Usually I try to buy them as close to the day as possible so I don’t lose anything.


:white_check_mark: I live in London and my cycle to work is now about 30 seconds longer every day because of the stupid Hyde Park thing I’ll inevitably end up going to and having probably quite a nice time


Is there an thread for the opposite of Christmas excitement? Christmas dread thread?


We should have one. Getting very stressed at thinking of buying presents for everyone other than R, who is easy to buy for, but then getting anxious that I might be spoiling him and trying to resist buying him more.


Just cba this year, time off from work aside.


yeah, I have a very weird relationship with xmas these days - and dread is a big part of it


The gift thing continues to bring me much angst / irkage. Proper middle class too:

I was spoilt as a child and continue to be spoilt as an adult. This year I have given zero gift ideas, which has resulted in my mother sending pictures of a shitload of presents wrapped up with the caption “ahahahahaha you can’t stop me”. I have now given some gift ideas which are housey things, but honestly I am clutching at straws. I have suggested no presents / some kind of Secret Santa thing which didn’t go down well at all, it just results in my mother saying how much she loves spoiling us. I just don’t really know how to approach it any more. I don’t even want to go back to the IoW for Christmas any more tbh. Rather just stay at home please. That’s the other thing, 5ish days spent spilt between my parents and Mike’s parents houses gets a bit much. Would be so much better if there wasn’t that fucking stupid bit of water in the way, then we could just do one proper full day with each family.

Anyway I realise this is a very very middle class thing to moan about. Sorry.


I would genuinely, genuinely prefer to receive no gifts at all. This is obviously seen as unacceptable.


hello fellow leeds person :wave:

can confirm the hotdogs are nice but the rest of it can FOH imo


I’m not really fussed enough to start that thread, but if you do please call it
:poop: Christmas Excrement 2018 thread! :poop:




I have always been very lucky that (with the exception of one year) I have never had any difficulties over the arrangements for where to spend Christmas, have just been at home and the only travelling we might do is a boxing day trip to my aunt’s (15 minute drive, she picks us up). Stuff will be complicated as R gets older probably, buy his dad has actually been realistic this year and is ok with having him Christmas eve with a Christmas day skype.

Do you think you could just say fuck it one year and stay home? Or get yours and Mike’s parents to come to you, but I don’t know if that would be better or worse…


thought you’d enjoy that one