🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



Oh yes, I’ve played those before! I didn’t particularly like them, the feedback sound wasn’t as good as this horrible piece of kit I owned for years (which was stolen from me)


oooft, that looks like it’d be fucking tasty tbf!



Did Christmas in Edinburgh last year, just the two of us. I’d wanted to do this for a few years (similar reasons to you, really, and ultimately just a bit sick of going back and being treated like a child) but it hadn’t worked out for various reasons.

We both made sure to see family in the weekends running up to Christmas. For the day itself we’d made plans to go out on a walk (our mate runs a nice pub that was open) but it absolutely tipped it down, so that all got sacked off. But it was still absolutely brilliant, and we’re doing it again this year. Seeing my family on the 22nd, up to Scotland on the 23rd.

(Bonus as well that it was really nice being in a place where stuff happens over Christmas as well. All the movies at the Prince Charles on Boxing Day are £1 for members, would be all over that if I was staying in London)


Have finally managed to secure Christmas Day plans which aren’t going to my mum’s house and having to ensure my brother’s awful girlfriend. w00t.


I’m planning on doing this and The Favourite comes out on Boxing Day in central London too.


Made my Christmas cake yesterday. Got a blister on my thumb from the stirring, which is frankly pathetic.


Worn a Christmas jumper yet?

  • Ho ho ho
  • No no no

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Think I’ve pretty much decided not to go back to the UK for Christmas, mainly because of the cost for like 4 days (any longer and I would go bonkers). Haven’t told my family yet and I imagine they’ll be irked and/or disappointed, especially as I spent last Christmas in the US as well. Also haven’t told my in laws yet so I hope I’m welcome at theirs :sweat_smile:


It’s a big no from me. Not worn a Christmas Jumper in 44 years.

I can’t get my head around buy something you could only wear one or two days a year*

*I’m a massive hypocrite obviously, because I own a wetsuit


would you wear a wetsuit at christmas as an alternative to a christmas jumper?

  • possibly
  • no
  • yes

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Is there a reindeer of any kind depicted on this hypothetical wetsuit?


no, but its christmas red, with HO HO HO emblazoned across the front in green.


I have one I got as a gift. It’s actually nice mainly because it only gets worn for like two days a year, so it’s stayed super soft and cosy.

(Also it has a penguin in a party hat on it.)


Sorry, you lost me at “wetsuit”


I WILL do the Christmas Day Sea swim at some point - I’ve been meaning to for the last few years, but it’s been called off because the sea’s been too rough. But when the weather isn’t so bad, I’ll be there, in my wet suit (and a santa hat)


making a shitload of fire soup for the cold weeks ahead, getting drunk at inappropriate moments, fighting with the gas company over my bills, getting evils from the parents because i’m not at theirs for the 25th. #ItMustBeChristmas




guys i’m gonna change my profile pic to a christmas one on FB