🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



Mine’s made of neoprene and says C-Skins across the chest


If you ever find yourself in Edinburgh for New Years you could do the loony dook




I’ve got friends who swim in the sea all year round. They’re not quite right in the head though, so I’ll wear the wetsuit thanks.


can I friend you so I can instantly defriend you in protest?


hmu bb


it’s doing well so far ngl


I think you’re confusing the two words “friends” and “fish”.


Enjoyed this


Wfh today, so might put up my new tree.


First year with new colour theme/living room. Mum and I are disappointed, we can’t make it look unmessy :pensive:



watched gremlins t’other night, first crimbo movie of this season! krampus to follow…


I watched Gremlins last night too! Classic.



What good things can you get in the UK but not in the USA that are not too heavy and easy to post? I’m a bit stuck with an online secret santa. I’m thinking humbugs.




i have one


custard creams / bourbons / good biscuits


Decent chocolate.

Bet they don’t have pork scratchings over there.

Dunno if you’d be able to import that sort of shit actually?