🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



Hula hoops, custard creams and hob nobs are what my sister requests are taken over when we visit…


Got my bushy nine-footer erected yesterday.


me and sis circa 1995

trees have come on a bit since then. living rooms too


this checks out




Went to a free Santa’s grotto in a shopping centre last week. All the students running it seemed really,really stoned. Came up all “Hi, Immmmmm Orrrlllaaa, the Christmas Elffff and I really like…porridge” and then her friend came over and started playing with her hair. Then at the end they had some wicker reindeer lined up and asked us to think of a name and the boy went quiet so I just went “ummm, Sammy?” And the guy was like “eurgh, no, it’s Rudolph, see, he has a red nose”. Would def be stoned all day if I worked there though tbh, would be perfect


Hey can anyone who wants a Christmas card please send their address

I think @jazzballet @shrewbie @colon_closed_bracket




Others welcome too


I can count on one hand the number of mince pies I have eaten in my life



They’re not great.


Agreed (obvs if I thought they were great I would have made an effort to eat more of them)

It’s like that with lots of Christmas food/snacks anywhere in the world though surely. I eat lots of stuff for Christmas that I HAVE TO have, but never once get a craving for in the other 50 weeks of the year


Awful things.

Wife’s nan used to make some that were edible - There was something different about the pastry that made them half decent. Wouldn’t give anyone the recipe though.


Just remembered about this Swedish Xmas tradition today (i.e. vandalism)-

Looks like the goat is still standing for now, although it’s getting pretty smug on it’s twitter feed. Just waiting for the vandals to do their thing again


Thank you so much for the card it right cheered me up the other day :slight_smile:


maybe it’s the catholic programming but i always feel very spiritual at christmas. i remember i once went to a midnight mass and the high from a joint i’d smoked hit just as the choir started singing carol of the bells. if there is a god, that 2 minutes was the closest i’ve ever felt to it. i can’t quite describe how moving it all was.

also i like to get drunk at xmas and wax lyrical about the nativity and how cool jesus is as a concept of a heroic figure. probably going to regret this massively tomorrow but idgaf. he really was a good egg (it’s pretty much established he was a real guy now, isn’t it?)


i would because it would be cool to get a card from you, but it would be awkward to explain to the mrs.

anyway, i hope you have a merry christmas DB. i know we have clashed occasionally, like when we had that horrible row about a certain war earlier this year, but you helped me massively with that thing last year, and i’ll never forget how kind and supportive you were throughout that even tho it was a lot for an internet rando to drop on you :v::v::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::dove::dove:

i think you know what my old username was at the time of the incident, but not sure


merry Christmas!! :christmas_tree:


Me too, one of my best friends does a dawn swim in the clyde every day of the year. She’s amazing.