🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



↑ over excited



so fucking excited.

anyone seen any stuff in the shops yet?


Saw some bread yesterday, had some last Christmas too


we bought some raisins the other week. there’s a chance some of these might end up in a christmas treat (depending on our raisin consumption)


fucking love Christmas, to the extent I watched a Billy Idol xmas video the other day


I listened to Nightwish’s cover of Walking in the Air not one week ago.


Where my mum works they have had Christmas craft stuff in for about a month, that always appears as a prelude to the actual Christmas stuff.

Also, my dad at JL has been getting stuff ready for their Christmas department this week, not sure when it is actually going in.


I started my xmas choc thread in September last year!


Cannot wait for Secret Santa, by coincidence today I am wearing the lovely socks I got from @shrewbie last year.

I have on/off been thinking of potential presents for people most of the year tbh.


That’s a dangerous road to go down though cause I made a list last year then got someone I hadn’t considered - all those potential presents wasted.


Seems to be a large amount of Love Island/eager Christmasers.

I’m saying nowt…




It is more a case of exercising the present-giving portion of my brain so it is ready to go when needed.


This thread has reminded me that I’m due to go to my in-laws for Christmas this year and it’s going to be so duuuuullllllll

My family can be really frustrating but at least we know how to do Christmas properly


Already started planning some of the additions to the deccorations I plan to put up this year. Also trying to decide if I should go full Santa’s grotto at the bottom of my garden to make sure I am definitely the favourite Uncle in my family with my Nephew and Niece and really stitch over my brother on that front.


I was just thinking yesterday what to put in my Christmas piccalilli - need to keep my eye out for space broccoli


Clive works for various lifestyle, home decor, etc type magazines. All this week and next week he’s at photoshoots - for the Christmas editions.


yesterday i gave my friend her christmas present from last christmas. no i haven’t started shopping yet. i have started vaguely thinking about things i could make other people for christmas (to use up some of my enormous stash of craft supplies)

last christmas i was working in seasonal confectionery so christmas happened jul-oct and actual christmas time was easter for me. (that job was responsible for me giving the TV an advent calendar in august, another two or three at christmas, and another one in april.) i’m going to enjoy christmas being actually at christmas time this year.



Enjoyed this.


I booked the restaurant for the company’s Christmas shindig last week actually.:+1: