🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



tony macaronis?




it’s a nice day for a, white christmas




It’s actually only 5 months away so…get planning!


I was dragged into our work social committee so we are talking about this as well. It is quite jarring walking outside and having your entire face melt off and then coming back inside to plan Xmas.


New place has got really high ceilings. Going to get a 25ft tree


Been some BIG debate about the date of our do this week. V. serious indeed.


The guy at work is still updating his countdown to Christmas board. I think it was at like 150-something yesterday.


I always aim for Black Friday


Still finding needles from last year’s tree in the big white rug. Painful.




Have booked our anual family trip on the Santa train on the Bluebell railway…this year it is 10 adults to 3 children which is better than last year (which was 8 adults to 1 child).


Oooh that sounds good and I keep getting pressured for the Bluebell railway.


If it’s just about going on a steam railway for the kids sake, there’s a miniature steam railway in Eastbourne which is considerably cheaper (have you seen the prices to go on the Bluebell Railway?) and much more child friendly. Also they have a website from 1998: http://www.emsr.co.uk/


It is really good, Kids all get a present from Santa and his elves as they come down the train (adults get a mince pie). Then there is about 45 mins stopped at one of the platforms where the kids can go see Santa in his grotto as well as have a go on a load of vintage fairground stalls (My Nephew loved going round the hall of mirrors) before jumping back on the train to ride back to the main station.


No my wife specifically wants to go on the Bluebell, childhood memories etc. We did a steam train in Devon two years back so my itch is scratched (if I ever had one).


Is it worth going first class? Only six quid more for the family.


There is one carriage that has little to no leg room so is a bit of a squeeze for the adults in the group to sit without locking you legs around the person sitting opposite you (I mean you are really close to the person opposite!) so first class will guarentee you will not be in this carriage.


They weren’t any for three together. Have gone normal for the three of us sitting in a four area. Quick £68.80!