🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



haha, stupid children. santa’s not even real.


Thanks for the heads up. Never remember to do this shit in time.


not bought them yet but thinking of:

  • nice chess set for my dad
  • a nice framed print for my sister
  • fancy makeup/cosmetic stuff for my other sister
  • loads of really cute cuddly toys and childrens books for niece and nephew
  • some sort of nice tableware or ceramics thing for my mum
  • for my boyfriend a new football, maybe a new suit if he wants one, ps4 game
  • other bf will get Chanukah presents instead, probably records and gig tickets

gonna go all out this year and treat people. will send cards in the post to my aunties and mum’s bffs.

also gonna make stuff like candles and seasonal sweet things.

forgot: will get my cat a new litter tray and some new toys!

think me and my bf are planning to stay in London too so might do some volunteering on Christmas Day.

(much of the money we save on train tickets will go towards presents)


I’m dreading christmas as I’m too poor to buy anyone anything.

Just hate it and wish I could just get a special exemption from christmas forever.


never have money for anything good for presents. gave my mum a teabag saucer last year for example.



I’m fine with getting nothing, the greatest gift would be no christmas stress every year


i’m honestly happy with a large pork pie and some tins.


Never had a pork pie either.

I’ll add it to the list



they look a bit stodgy!

But I bet they’re real nice with a beer


you’re just saying this so someone sends you pork pies in the post like laelfy.


I’m on a diet atm so low fat pork pies only please!


you can get really nice ones with like a crunchy crust. I buy 2 large ones from the market on my way back from London each xmas (obviously not happening this year) and just slowly work my way through them over a week in front of the telly.


think last christmas my eldest bro had some with cranberries in or something fancy.

There’s a whole world of pies out there!


I want to move to the world of pies.


Please could this thread be locked until 24 December 2018?


that’s a great present though

I’d love that


I think she gets it out for when I’m round because I notice its not there for a few days when I turn up but magically reappears suddenly midway through the stay. bit concerned i’m causing some mental anguish tbh.


I have this with a cup and saucer I got my mum a few years ago

she definitely never uses it when im not there


also btw I do actually need one of those teabag saucer things and am adding it to my xmas list right now