🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



I know some people who don’t have a plate or whatever to drop the teabags in next to the kettle. just take it all the way to the bin each time

dunno why, but thats a line I won’t cross.


sounds like an event Partridge might host


urgh cant believe having to check a chess set is vegetarian is a thing


they must have a lot of condensation and mould inside their bins huh


Makes me laugh when people get aggy about premature Christmas stuff. M9s I spent most of April typing up Christmas card orders at my last job, get over it x

There was one card about a dad kissing his daughter under the mistletoe which was genuinely concerning.


I use an empty margarine tub like a real prole.


any receptacle will do.


think I used a (cleaned) ashtray through uni


Early lyrics to Joseph’s technicolour dreamcoat needed some work.


oh man ashtrays!

I miss a good ashtray


big fan of the big beer ones with holders for four or more fags


I used one of those travel sweet tins for a long time. Was a good ashtray tbh


I don’t have any desire to smoke again but I still miss the ritualistic aspects of it sometimes


Can’t afford Christmas this year, sorry lads.


The guy at work who has the Christmas countdown board hasn’t been around for aaaaages, it still says like 134 days or something.

Anyway: second Christmas staying in Edinburgh, really excited. Hopefully it won’t rain on Christmas Day this year so we can go poke around the deserted Old Town!

Looking fit something to do on Boxing Day. Last year we went to see Shrek: the Musical, this year the theatre has Kinky Boots which I think we’re going to skip. Proper novelty being somewhere stuff happens at Christmas. Such a revelation after spending most of my life on a cheapo boring 90s single housing estate where there’s 1 shop and nothing else.


this sounds like a nice/probably worthwhile thing to do


Need to start making Christmas decorations now my wrist has recovered and I can use my saw again. Have to think of some nice designs, did Christmas trees, stockings and bauble shapes last year, I might branch out to something new. If I get enough I will attach them to Christmas cards for family as presents.

Looking forward to DiSmas more than Christmas tho tbhtbf.


was thinking about organising a dismas party

(my autocorrect was really trying to get me to go for ‘dismal party’ there but no way)


already been invited to the work do, planning to make it a 3rd straight year of non-attendance
want to take my gf to a few different places in the UK but I’ll only have a few days holiday left
Where’s nice to go at xmas?


just remember I get two weeks off work that doesnt count towards my annual leave

:smiley: :star_struck::drooling_face: