🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



I went to York for NYE once and it was nice. iirc someone set the minster on fire.

btw - Ré*I is looking to rent out his flat from October if you or L. know of anyone who would like to live there. Can’t quite believe I’m gonna be dating a landlord :confused: (but it is the only way we can be together and with Brexit approaching we had to act quickly to move him to the UK).


Saw this on Broadway a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it fwiw


Maybe he’s hiding somewhere at your work and is going to jump out on Christmas Day to I assume an empty office unless you work at the Elf factory or in Wetherspoons


Kinky Boots is pretty good tbf, I mean unless you really hate musicals.


Really REALLY don’t want to be in the country for it but I’m running out of time.


found out earlier this month that my mum is real keen for us to do xmas 2019* in australia cos my sister lives there and my dad will have just retired so can be a starting point for them to travel round the other side of the globe for a couple of months.

i have very firmly said that there’s absolutely no i’m doing xmas in australia

glad i got my correct and good opinion to her almost 18 months in advance

feel free to tell me i’m wrong btw

(i am not wrong, literally anything involving a risk of 40° heat can piss right off)

*that’s right, xmas next year


i’d love to go to australia for christmas :frowning:


We’ll be in Australia for Christmas this year! Hopefully we’ll be having Christmas on the beach. Very excited, now that it’s actually real.


my parents went to australia last year in July and obviously the beaches were empty cos it was only about 22°, sounded perfect, well up for going at that time of year


Halloween first m9


This afternoon our office reception area has been turned into a “Winter wonderland” by one of the companies we work with so we can go along and have a festive photo shoot if we want to.


Ooops! Just ordered some xmas decs.


just made my first festive organic orange candle and bought my bf Low tickets


can I suggest, for a super cheap present, a headphone splitter.

I got one in the pound shop and it works really well

it’s also like super romantic


you can get mega cute ones as well :slight_smile:


I just bought my first xmas presents.

One of these for my mum and my BFF (and I got one for myself too)




Think my wife would like one of them. Good work. Although I can’t be fucked to go to Dunelm Mill.


I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want one! It’s such a genius idea.

They’ve redone our Dunelm Mill and it’s ok now. They have a lot of “teddy bear” style things at the moment. Like dressing gowns and even full teddy duvet sets.


Big Sainsbury’s has the mince pies and Christmas puds out :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: