🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



A Dog for Christmas? The dog is voiced by Mario Lopez.


From googling, it was this:

He has been in a surprisingly large number of Christmas film, has Dean.


Got some stollen bites from Aldi. Yum yum


Aldi’s not that expensive, you could’ve just paid for them :wink:


Alright ruffers


I miss ruffers


8% of households have already bought some mince pies… have you?

  • Yes
  • No

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The Wazzas And Pazzas basic mince pies are vegan. Ate a whole box on sunday. Don’t @ me.


The lights are up


A house on my road is covered is Christmas lights. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Oh yeah, this was at the garden centre on October 6th


YES, I’m getting one!!!


Christmas songs keep coming on my playlist and I’m like “not quite yet, pal!”


I want to buy some but… I don’t want to eat a whole pack so I have to wait until its acceptable to take them into work.

Or just be more greedy.


has @whiterussian cancelled xmas :frowning:


It was meant as a joke. I love Christmas.



@whiterussian’s heart grew three sizes today


69 :smirk: days to go :smirk: