🎄 Christmas Excitement 2018 thread! 🎄



Stick to your guns, excitement for Christmas before Halloween is done is not on


I like to get something new for my house every year in terms of decorations and so I’m currently whittling down my choices of which Xmas duvet set to order next week ready to chuck on my bed on December the 1st.


I actually know what to get my brother this year :open_mouth:

(Train to Busan on DVD)


omg you were in my dream, alas, it was not a sexy dream.


When does secret Santa prep begin?


surely every dream with @twentynine in is a sexy dream?


Also v true

I should point out I have no idea what twentynine even looks like, it’s just I was pulling a hose(?) across a country road and a cyclist had to stop, and I thought to myself “that’s twentynine off the DiS boards!”

Why did my brain do this


I’m touched and I hope you were too!


Trying to arrange a date for my ATDs palsmas. It is almost putting me off Christmas.


Anyone seen that Netflix Xmas special announcement with Kurt Russell as Father Christmas? Can’t wait for that, can’t remember if it was a film or series.




:santa: :christmas_tree: :gift:


Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming


Lidl have so much more Christmas stuff now, pretty much all of it which isn’t fresh.

Also from next Thursday they have all their wooden toys in, they have quite a few good bits if you are looking for 2-7 year old kind of range. Going to get R some more food bits I think (wooden pizza with changable toppings!)


I’m sure you’ll all be excited to know they’re now building the Christmas market/rides etc in Leicester Square. Sure to be a top class attraction everybody will want to go to!


yeah the sheds have appeared in Manchester again :roll_eyes:


Gonna start construction of the chocolate nativity scene as soon as we’re in our new place next week. Can’t wait!


I was in our local lidl on weds and they were still plugging Halloween, with not a peep of Xmas stuff. Going to try again this weekend!



i want this for myself


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