🎁 🎄 Christmas Gift Ideas/Shopping Thread 2021 🎄 🎁

How’s the Christmas shopping going?

  • Completely finished
  • Not even started
  • Done a little bit, lots more to go
  • Nearly there
  • Halfway or so
  • Not on presentbook

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Have got my parents, sister and BiL all sorted, about halfway through Mrs F’s now and will get the rest on payday. Thanks to Klarna I’m getting her a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser that she’s been after for ages amongst other things, so that’ll be nice.

All ideas/questions/suggestions/chat welcome!

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No boring ‘buying stuff is bad you capitalist pig’ posts please.


This thread existing has just increased my dread levels 100 fold.

No idea for anyone yet. Would much rather not bother

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Just linking to this for those buying for kids

Also the dis shop thread needs some action in it

Dis makers or businesses post your wares in here: Buy DiS


Buying stuff is bad you capitalist pig.


Hi Ruffers.

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In all seriousness probably some ceramic ducks.


Only buy for nieces and nephews now (oh and my mum). Will just ask my sisters what they want, as usual. Great uncle-ing.

Quite miss getting gifts though :cry:

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Talk to me about pretty coffee table books. I think they’re nice things to give as gifts

I was done ages ago for M but need to order a calendarfor my mum, 2 cuddle cushions for the kids I see on Xmas days and find something for their parents too. Making some face make up remover things but not sure what else I can afford to make that they’d actually want amd I have time for. Got 2 jumpers to make as well. Fuuuuuuck

Probably just going to tell people they have kindly donated to the new puppy I’m sure their little hearts will tingle with joy


Puppy hug tokens

(I’ll take a lifetime supply)


We’ll bring him on one of your tours when he’s old enough x

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Mr B and I aren’t doing gifts for each other because there’s not enough cash left over after doing everyone else’s gifts (unless I get a surprise work bonus) so will just do stocking stuff.

I bought all the chocolate for kids’ stockings on Sunday so just need to pick up some small bath bits, a chocolate Santa each and new pants (as is tradition).

Biggest kid is easy to buy for this year - her list is pretty much all squishmallows and other cuddly toys so will get one off her list, she’s having a phone and case, minecraft strategy books and fleece blanket, a songwriter notebook and a toy sloth.

Kid 2 is harder this year. Thinking the vTech camera with green screen so she can pretend to be a YouTuber… squishmallows, a ventriloquist doll/teddy, moon boots (?!). Will get them to write their lists the week after next so I/Santa can get on with it.

Signed them both up for HyperJar cards so will load some cash on those for them to get started with.

I’m making a blanket for my brother’s new house which I probably won’t get finished in time for Christmas unless I spend every free second on it between now and then. Other brother I’m thinking theatre vouchers because he really wants to go to a show but his gf hates musicals so thought we could go with him when he chooses something.

My parents are a nightmare and I’ve no idea what to get them other than the usual calendar with pictures of the kids which is another tradition. In-laws are Mr B’s problem!


Wife works in logistics and keeps repeating some horrifying stories about the state of warehouses, delivery firms, time to delivery etc etc.

As a result, we had a day off last week and got all our shopping done, well ahead of when I’d normally do it and mostly in-store where possible. The only person I’ve got left to do is her, which is going to be trickier.


This is all I get my mum, so pleased knowing I have years of xmas gifts in the bag


I would rather someone get me nothing than get into debt shopping for me!


NFTs for all the family this year


Oh, here’s a list of some of the things I’ve got for people in case it’s inspiring for others:

  • A visit to Silverstone museum
  • Rummikub (best game ever)
  • Animal Crossing Monopoly (adorable)
  • Lego sets
  • A Moomin card purse
  • Lush gift set
  • Mini M&S food gift set for aunts and uncles

Have bought these things so far for Mrs F:

  • Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser
  • New makeup brushes
  • Satin pillowcases
  • Charmed DVD boxset
  • Various books
  • A4 framed print of her book cover
  • Dinosaur jumper
    Probably forgotten a few more. Will get her a posh diary and notebook she wants and some more books. Maybe some Animal Crossing merch too.

For others:

  • Exeter Chiefs book
  • Fancy cake slice
  • Beatles jigsaw
  • Fancy jigger
  • Becky Bettesworth print
  • Sweets platter