Christmas Jumpers


Always hated them and then found myself ordering one as I continue my descent into embarrassing daddom.

Do you own a Christmas jumper?

I predict @xylo does


No I do not.

Don’t really wear jumpers.


I do own one, I’m not entirely happy about the fact I own one but it is a fact nonetheless.


I do not.


I don’t own one.

Continuing my one man quest to get shouted at for beign anti-social by refusing to go to the Christmas party, go to the Christmas fuddle, wear a Christmas jumper on the 16th, or go to the Christmas lunch. All compulsory, btw.


I own an ugly chunky knit jumper.

These crew necks with really boring designs with iron-on print can stuff off.


Surely a jumper can’t be compulsory, what about your human rights?


I own 2 ‘festive’ jumpers with christmassy patterning, but no rudolph/snowflake/santa stuff


I do. It’s a beige zip up cardigan.


Bought one for our football team’s christmas meal/night out last year (more a general nordic jumper than a particularly christmas novelty one). Wore it once, will be wearing it for the second time on friday for this year’s team christmas meal/night out


Mine has a deer on it and some pattern but it’s not one of those with a drunk snowman and the words ‘I’m get mashed up this year you fucking cunt’.




I wish!



This is my bad boy:



Actually, that is a lot nicer than I thought.


My argument exactly.

Until Brexit, I’m gonna keep threatening them with legal action.


I don’t mind them per se but they always look so chunky and overly warm. Nothing worse than sitting indoors in a too-warm jumper.


Christmas jumpers

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I own a Christmas t-shirt?