Christmas media audit 2023

Go on then, what we watching?

Just finished Best Christmas Ever. Baffingly awful. Had about 20102 plot points and none made sense. Loved it

10 candy canes out of 10

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might watch eraserhead


Is Elf suitable for kids (age 4 and 7)? Never seen it but people seem to go on about it a lot, might watch that.

Dunno if you Brexiters can stream this anywhere & I can’t vouch for the quality of the subtitles but this is a pretty good ‘comedy of errors’ family chaos type Christmas movie

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I’d say yeah but the 4 year old won’t really get most of the jokes and the 7 year old won’t get the very few mild grown up jokes so it’s fine but it might not hold their attention so much


Written by Richard Curtis and has Melissa McCarthy, one of the most grating screen presences in recent memory, playing a genie. Completely laugh free and absolutely all over the shop. Loved it

10 jingle bells out of 10

At Christmas
Everything is fine
At Christmas
Everything is fine
At Christmas
Everything is fine
You got your presents
And I’ve got mine


you know I might have to record this, right

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Watched ‘A Christmas Movie Christmas’ this afternoon.

Premise: Two sisters, one who loves shit hallmark Xmas movies and one who does not get sucked into a shit Xmas Hallmark movie.

The best bits were at the start where they are ripping the piss out of shit Xmas movies and instead of staying meta or tongue in cheek it just becomes another shit Xmas Hallmark movie itself the longer it goes.

Remake of early 90s Lenny Henry TV film Bernard and the Genie (which I vaguely remember watching as a kid) - Curtis wrote that one too

Watched a file called Noelle which I hadn’t seen before


That the Bill Hader one?

Yeh and a female Claus.

It’s a story often told but it’s a good un

On Disney

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Am I above watching this garbage?


catch up!

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The issue we had was that this introduces the idea of snta not being real, and that was an interesting thing to try and walk back.

Fucked it.

Yeah last year my kids happily watched the Tim Allen Santa Clause and seemed to enjoy it, they put it on this weekend and I kind of realised that on top of killing Santa the whole premise is about most people not believing in Santa and I could see some gears turning in the 6-year-olds head. Need to stick to the Muppets and the Grinch.

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I’m just going to forget about the ‘am I above it’ :wink:

100% all recorded and ready to go:
The Apartment
Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

If we get time:
Black Christmas
Eyes Wide Shut
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Polar Express