Christmas Music at home 🎄 🎁

This is a thread to discuss the playing of Christmas music at your home.

I wasn’t a fan when I was younger but I now absolutely love Christmas music almost as much as Christmas food - I think hosting our own Christmases since having kids (and a house) has triggered something primal in me. It’s on as soon as the tree is up and I can listen to it every day and not get tired of it.

Christmas at ours always begins with Elvis Presley’s Christmas album (a tradition carried on from my late father-in-law)

and it’s followed by a playlist with Christmas albums from Vince Guaraldi, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Jackson 5, James Brown, Kacey Musgraves, Jackie Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, The Staple Singers & Phil Spector’s Christmas Gift To You, and a bunch of instrumental Christmas albums. I found this album when looking for instrumental Christmas music one year and it’s a favourite now:

My ultimate Christmas tune is this one because apparently it is a Christmas song and this is just one of the most wonderful pieces of music ever:

We also have a lot of carols on - this is my wife’s ultimate Christmas banger:


Vince Guaraldi Trio always gets a spin in the morning here too.

I got this a couple of years ago:


My wife really hates Fairytale Of New York so of course I attempt to play it on our out of tune piano every year


This’ll be in my top 3 releases of the month. Definitely worth checking out.


I’ve got that too.

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I like this

And the Phil Spector Christmas album too of course.

I’m going to check out that Elvis as his version of Blue Christmas is kinda ace.

Don’t have much though tbh. I put a playlist together last year for family that I need to dig out.

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Amazingly hadn’t clocked that the artwork on my own band’s ep was based on the Charlie Brown one. Seeing it immediately above ours was a real eye opener. Healey is very excellent and I am very thick


used to get annoyed by the forced jollity of Christmas music but now I can embrace the daftness. And also it’s fun finding lesser known ones and seeing how different artists tackle it. Last year I made a classy jazz playlist and this year I’ve gone to the folk blues crossroads


Blue Christmas is the highlight, but I also love the version of (There’ll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me).

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Oh I think I might have heard that too - it’s like prime In the Ghetto era style isn’t it?

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Yep, that comes on Christmas morning and we have some Bucks Fizz (even though there’s no Bucks Fizz)…

Fond memories of Christmas 1988 when our teacher brought that into school and it played on a loop for a week. Always looked forward to Jona Lewie and Mike Oldfield most.

nat king coles christmas record gets lots of plays in my flat.

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Just discovered Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler’s Christmas album this year and it’s been getting some plays in the car, Marshmallow World has made it onto the regular Christmas playlist alongside Macca and Mariah


Discovered this earlier in the month, an excellent compilation of garage rock Christmas songs including the New Bomb Turks, Rocket From The Crypt, Supersuckers. Been on pretty heavy rotation.

The Bad Religion Christmas album is quite good.

As is the Twisted Sister one

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Healey is indeed very excellent. I’m currently having a coffee in a Fightmilk & Two Sugars mug. Very well designed.

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I’ve been adding modern songs to a Xmas playlist.

It’s not all great but nice to have some newish ones. Loney dear is great

made a lil radio show with ten really good songs about that Jesus

Additional indie points for ours -