🎷 🎄 Christmas Music League 🎄🎷 Round Eight - Monopoly

This is the thread for the Christmas Special of Music league!

It’s Music League with a twist…

All the rounds are shorter
All the rounds are based on themes around games.
You get more points to dish out.
You get to be the grinch by having one minus point to hand out!

If it’s not for you then that’s fine because normal music league will resume again in the new year.

Here’s the link. I hope you will enjoy the rounds….


Any questions you may have regarding the Christmas league then I’ll try and help
Also the rounds all kick off in the evening which one or two people asked for.


Have a great idea for Round 3.


I bet! :smirk:

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Aw fuck yis

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I have joined and will attempt to play but will probably fail to keep up with it

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No pressure. Let’s have fun during the festive period.

Do picks for this league get entered into the spreadsheet?



Going to have to sit this one out, I’ll never manage those turnarounds while working Xmas retail! You all have fun though, see you next year.

Just joined, although my profile is my full name. I’m the grinning frog avatar.

Easy enough to change if you want.

Thought about that although it would confuse everyone in the other league I’m in!

It’s not a big deal, I post Spotify lists on here quite often with my full name on.

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I’m in, got to say I love these round themes!

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Its been a long time since ive given u lot a good beating


don’t really know what this is but I might join in anyway


Choose a track that fits the theme

Playlist gets published

Listen to playlist

Vote for your favourite tracks

Bathe in the glory



My experience has been very different :slightly_smiling_face:


Soak in the sorrow


I’m back in for this one!

Do we get bonus points if we manage to shoehorn a Christmas song into any round? (Basically asking other players this, as they have the points power)

As always with Music league, songs will be judged on their quality.

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