Christmas Needs

OK it all started off with joking and adding this as that is what sparked a discovery…

Despite my reservations with these things, I do look forward to Smart toilets that, as soon I put the seat down to position myself to start pinching a loaf, will project an image on the wall in front of me and start playing whatever was queued up in my “Watch later” playlist on my Youtube account - that’ll be the day. Plus, of course, it will have heated seats that will automatically adjust the temperature based on the estimated BMI of the person sitting on them to optimize efficiency in loosening up the bowels.

So then I came back with the answer to this Fella’s prayers…

me with quotes…
Your wish could be granted…how smart though…

few feature mentions:-

  • Smartphone control via Bluetooth

  • Ease of installation and use

  • Outstanding features

  • Ecological

  • High quality materials

  • Good value for money

I’ll add to that…

The toilet comes straight from the future! A real revolution, this exceptional monobloc toilet will amaze you and meet all your expectations and even beyond. Combining comfort, sophistication and unparalleled functionality, luxury platinum monobloc toilets will bring you complete satisfaction. One thing is certain, you will decide to switch to Japanese toilets after having read these Platinium monobloc toilets from the Top Toilet brand. Enjoy the ultimate in Top Toilet technology!

why indeedee…maybe the price?

well you’ll save on toilet rolls for starter…

Its blue LCD screen with all the useful information and its radio frequency remote control with magnetic wall bracket will make it very easy to use.

The presence detector, the cushioned descent of the seat and the cover and the automatic flush with integrated tank will offer you perfect user comfort.

In addition, these toilets are able to deodorize the room. This eliminates the need to buy thousands of air fresheners. Your toilets will be scented with the scents of bamboo charcoal. Smart WC, they are intelligent and can be used intuitively thanks to the application that you can easily download from Appstore and Playstore. So you can control the functions via Bluetooth from your mobile phone.

so that’s about all except the price and the technical characteristics

Now the actually ‘‘Toilet’’

Opinions and Queries Welcome…

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I’m happy for you or sorry that happened


Hi! I run a toilet factory…

I seem to get involved with these sort of expectations of late…I am always ready to offer help though. :expressionless:

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How runny is it?
financially is it floating on the stock exchange?

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Extremely but I haven’t been getting much fibre recently.

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But then what would I do with the thousands of air fresheners I just got for Christmas?

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No we are still on above cables the Fibre is certainly an Issue to increase slowly but regular is better
…Told it’s because we live in the Sticks…I don’t want to eat Sticks I want More Fibre . :roll_eyes:

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Can you not do a Dell Boy with them and flog erm to the nearest Curry House

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I’m trying to reduce my workload…

Is it because your not that flushed…or need to reduce your waste consumption…
Comes a time in life when people become more inclined to be more pis* than wind…

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