Christmas Parties 2018 thread

We seem to have threads for everything else Christmas related, so why not this one as well!?

Tell us about which ones you’re going to, how awful or good you expect them to be, and all the juicy gossip once they’re done please.

Work-wise I’m going to one this Friday with the film festival people, and one on the 16th with students’ union staff. Both should probably be good, most people are young-ish and I have stuff in common with them. Fully expecting everyone to get completely smashed though obvs. I’m very happy about having two of these because I mostly work freelance so for several years I haven’t been to any work Christmas parties which has felt a bit sad.

I don’t have a proper Christmas party with friends lined up — some of the old timers are having one just after I leave town. I’m having some people around on the 14th, but only for pre-drinks before the traditional Christmas gig of the year.

Had mine on Saturday. Fell over


Not going. I’m a contractor, so I’d miss out on a day’s pay and have to spend money getting there.


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My work is having one tomorrow. I’m not going because skint.

I aim to go to my mate’s b-day on the 19th. Going to a restaurant that looks fancy but is only £9 for a main then going pub.

i’ve never been to a work official xmas party before but have decided to go this year

to save money (or something) the xmas party is for several different departments, which must be hundreds of people. it’s being held at a hotel and as soon as tickets went on sale all the rooms immediately got booked up/were booked up by other teams already despite supposedly being reserved. my department decided based on not a lot of evidence that this was [department name] not playing by the rules and practically got the pitchforks and flaming torches out.

Not going to any.

Work one is Wednesday - all paid for affair. TV is away though so I can’t go - not bothered tbh tbf…

Football team one is this Friday - should be good :+1:

This is a roaring success so far…

Going a preschool party… at a soft play place :scream:

i’m going to one (1) christmas party this year, and thats the annual shitfest me and my atds have organized for…10 years now. we have a secret santa, we make a very subpar roast dinner, smoke some chronic and play vidya all night.

worst year (2013) was when we thought it’d be funny to wear suits on the night

We’re doing it in Liphook this year. We’ll probably have a really shit roast pork.


Bunch of estate agents


yeah. really awful.

everyone looks as though they’re either doing the door for a croydon nightclub or going to a funeral for a person they didn’t really like.


pretty sure the majority of these were clip-ons.


Since having the sex dream about my boss I’ve decided not to go to our party as I’m guaranteed to tell him and be the drunkest there, and its not really the sort of workplace I can get away with being the drunk fool of yesteryear. Anyway they’re just going for a meal and the owners of the company will be there so not for me Clive.


I’m going to the following Christmas parties:

Work - Taking place in our offices. Free bar and food. Haven’t gotten a ticket yet but it’s a three minute walk from my house so I’ll just wander over anyway.

Home - Party on Christmas Day in my parents’ house. This normally involves my brothers’ friends and mine calling over to the house in the evening and getting mashed out of it. Previous incidents have involved the drug selection box and also drop kicking my cousin out the front door of my house.

Cannot fucking WAIT for my work christmas party on Friday. Gonna get drunk but not so drunk that I miss out on seeing all the crazy shit that goes down.

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Got mine next Friday. Me and two others are planning to go and drink the free booze, sneak off to the cinema for Die Hard, then head back for more booze to see everyone behaving disgracefully. I’m quite looking forward to it tbh.


There’s probably only one I can’t get out of, but I’m still going to try.