Christmas Parties 2018 thread


Cannot fucking WAIT for my work christmas party on Friday. Gonna get drunk but not so drunk that I miss out on seeing all the crazy shit that goes down.


Got mine next Friday. Me and two others are planning to go and drink the free booze, sneak off to the cinema for Die Hard, then head back for more booze to see everyone behaving disgracefully. I’m quite looking forward to it tbh.


There’s probably only one I can’t get out of, but I’m still going to try.


Six Christmas work parties (5 in December, 1 in January) starting tonight. I will be eating an awful lot of goat cheese.


i have none (0) to go to at all

but i would like to humble brag so i’m gonna say i have 15 to go to but i really don’t wanna, hate having friends lol so irksome haha


Done two so far. Both cracking. Expecting about 20 more.


Work do next week.
DiS London lads week after.
DiS Glesga lads for a late Christmas knees up in January.




what is puttshack?


It’s a little old place where
We can putt together


sounds terrible, i’m not going


Every team has its own party, plus there’s company-wide one. Due to the nature of my job, I get invites from a lot of other departments. Not gonna decline, obviously.


we have two this year:

  • first is for my team, c.50 people, where we will be going to the pub and having drinks and eating chips and stuff. it’s on Thursday 13th, so the day before my last day before Christmas, so decent timing. i predict it’ll be about a 7 out of 10.
  • second is for my whole group, c.500-1000 people, where we are going to some tent thing on Finsbury Square and having a crap sit down meal. it’s on Tuesday (?!) 18th, so after I’ve gone off for Christmas. i predict it’ll be about a 4 out of 10, and i predict i won’t go because i’ve already gone off for Christmas


Party #1: it was crackers


Some of my colleagues have organised an unofficial one that’s causing drama cause it’s been booked at a curry place and some people don’t like that and are trying to get it moved. Doesn’t bother me, I can’t go because I don’t want to.


What kind of weirdos don’t like curry?


people who are allergic to stuff in curries so they make them vomit every single time :frowning:

(tbh I like curries for the first 5 mins after eating them. the next hour or so is less fun)


Not bothering this year. Got too much other shit to do.


One who’s allergic to something and one who just doesn’t like spicy food. One of them is the one who’s idea the whole thing was in the first place. I’m just leaving them to it. Might go to the pub with the butchers.