Christmas Parties 2018 thread


Think we need a separate cracker joke thread tbh.


Ask for a curry without that in and the other person gets a korma. Next.


I like how it specifies its a joke at the top


is that for halloween or christmas?


You get shit crackers with tongue twisters and crap facts in and stuff. Should be banned IMO.


Just the one friends one that we do every year, secret santa, food, card games etc


Our work isn’t having a Christmas party this year :frowning:


How very Brexit


Got a work xmas lunch on friday - gonna be fairly awkward and rubbish I expect, but everyone will have gone home by 5 or 6 in the afternoon, so that’s OK

Informal drinks with actual work friends the following Friday - we get more and more flaky as a group the more time passes since we all worked together though, so god knows how many will come or whether it will happen at all

DIS drinks Friday after that!

Ride / drinks with cycling friends has been mooted, but god knows if that will actually happen

Got text invited to the xmas party of the parents of one of my kid’s friends, Doubt I’ll go to that one


Work dept Christmas party is at vodka revolutions in Richmond as if it’s 2003 and we’re not in London. Of all the pubs in west London, :of all the pubs in Richmond someone chose vodka revs. :man_facepalming

Plus my team sits on a separate floor to the rest of the department so I don’t know many people who’ll be there very well and most of them are boring generic men.

Free booze at least.

There’s a smaller team meal the week after that will be fine.

Then hopefully the DiS Xmas London meet which will be amazing.


my work one’s on the same evening as the DiS London meet… I wfh from home full time so it’s a toss up between free bar with colleagues I mostly don’t know and unfree bar with you online celebrities. Either way I shall feel awkward and drink too much to compensate.


My work do is also on the same day as the DiS meat :weary::sob::weary::sob:
We’re going to be throwing darts around, eating pizza and maybe having a half ale or two. Looking forward to about it tbh

  • Went to Nottingham for uni friends Christmas at the weekend
  • “Work” dinner with other freelancers at an Italian restaurant next Saturday
  • The TV’s family’s annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange next Sunday


Successfully swerved both work Christmas dos. Only other engagement is a traditional meal with a few old colleagues, which will presumably end with the traditional act of @MarsBonfire jumping on a train as the doors are closing to get away from us.


No time to go shopping. So unless I can find a tie to borrow from someone, this is what I’m wearing to the party tomorrow. :neutral_face:


Well I do have a pink plain silk tie too, but it looks a bit weddingy? My suit is dark blue if you can’t tell from the photo. And pinstripes and patterns is a real no no, right? The pinstripes are really, really faint irl though.


Keep the Christmas tie


really tho



You have the choice of being man in boring tie or man in Christmas tie. Easy choice.


I’m going to the Media department one on the same night as the Glasgow Xmas MEAT. My department are out that night too but I feel like the youngest one there and don’t want to go (even though the food is dead nice.)

My friends from back home do an annual party between Xmas and NY. I have to take The Child along but there are so many kids going now that we’re booked into a bar with a play area.