Christmas Parties 2018 thread

  • work Christmas party. i’m co-organising it, having gained a reputation for being an absolute blinder on the sauce. not really that wild (playing games/doing a Christmas quiz that I wrote in the afternoon, three course meal/dancing/casino stuff in the evening, then onto MooMoos - the only club in Tunbridge Wells that’s really an option on a Thursday night - for those left standing at midnight) but a few crude anagrams in the quiz. planning to do an outfit change during the evening and wear a tiara.

  • DiS Xmas meat. sequins. probably shamelessly hit on everyone and share appalling stories about Countdown people.

  • Xmas meat with other friends. gonna be about 4 of us so hopefully drink loads of Baileys and eat food while watching shit Xmas films

there is also a specifically NOT xmas meat with Countdown crew in Milton Keynes as my best mate hates Christmas and has had a tough year so we are only meeting to cheer him up. the theme is ‘summer’ and everyone will be expected to wear summer clothing (under thick coats)


Where are you going in MK?


Probably just hanging out in the town centre (if we can find an accessible pub).


Work dinner tonight. On the plus side, it’s in a really good restaurant.
On the downside, my team gets lumped in with ‘other’ in the org chart, so we’re going with people I never spend time with and don’t particularly care about.
On the doubleplus side, I’m off to see [Flying Nun stalwarts] Straitjacket Fits/Dimmer, so I’ve got an excuse to leave reasonably early.

Also got drinks catchup with out-of-town friends next week. Nothing else scheduled.


YES KEEP IT, that is an order


This is such a wild concept for me as a simple scandinavian


I’m pretty sceptical about the concept myself but the bar and play area have been verified by the people organising the party.


Party #2: tell a joke or two


Had three (3) this week. One next week and one the following week :weary: