Christmas Party Thread

Whats your xmas party?
When is it?
What you eating?
What you drinking?

Ours hasn’t been announced yet which is leaving it a bit late imo

It’s in November and given what’s been going down at work recently I will not be going.

My mum’s old work used to have theirs in January.

Eek. Do you think other people will boycott?

Whats your xmas party? Oscars themed party
When is it? 9th Dec
What you eating? Dunno yet
What you drinking? Not too much

Whats your xmas party? Chinese restaurant
When is it? December 14

I am on holiday that week, thank fuck.

f*nf**r themed
middle of december
candyfloss (they can’t cater to me)

dunno, there were only about 5 of us from our team there last year so I don’t think folk are really bothered

we have 2

smaller team do will be a meal in a pub - food is decent BBQ type stuff and they have a decent selection of beer. Plus we will be bunking off early for the day and work is paying for the food. Decent

larger team do is at All Bar One, shared do with other office xmas do type affair. As a result lots of people are opting out. I normally get fairly drunk and have a decent time at these with other decent sorts so I’m going

Both in the same week

assuming/hoping there isn’t one

what happened at everyones parties last year?

one of the new staff was absolutely mortal by the time we met for pre drinks and i had to sit next to her at the big meal. at the second club we went to the security chucked us all out because of her but she was still inside and they wouldn’t let any of us go back in to get her ahahaha. then she kicked off with the bosses for suggesting she goes home and everyone was doing a ‘gay for moleman’ as to who had to actually take her home. then we found a taxidriver that would actually agree to taking her home and moved on to another two clubs. cool.

got very drunk

lost my phone

had to get a cab home (work paid)

I was on my honeymoon for last year’s iteration :sob: Oh how I long to be back there.

Fuck knows where we’re going this year, it can’t be any worse than Kings Cross train station from a couple of years ago.

Meal at Bill’s (classic Bill)
penultimate Friday before Christmas
Haven’t decided yet

I know that this is a really typically DiS answer but yeah, really CBA this year.

Some pub
Thursday 15 December (lunchtime)
Roasted vegetable tian (don’t know what that is)
A pint or two (fucking lunchtime)

Drinks and food in a pub
Thursday 8th Dec
Buffet food

it’s a fancy name for a gratin

9th December.
Not announced where yet

Thanks. Sounds good in that case. Do we need a fancy name for gratin though? I feel gratin is already 6/10 fancy.


xmas party with atds will be held at a house in Tooting. Like on the 10th of Dec.
Usual Turkey dinner.
Usual Turkey booze.

no idea about work as I’m starting a new job on Monday.