Christmas Sandwiches 2022

Tell us all about them, then.

Sainsbury’s 6.5/10

Not very festive tasting at all.

Tesco pigs under blankets, rubbish


Have had the Tesco and Boots turkey feast ones. Both very underwhelming. 5/10 for Boots and 3/10 for Tesco.

Had this the other day was fucking horrid

Had the Tesco brie and cranberry one. Tastes okay, but the slices of brie were about a millimetre thick.

Have had the Tesco turkey trimmings wrap a couple of times, it’s got a sort of enjoyable sweet goopyness, 5/10

Really nothing better (at any time of year) than a simple paxo stuffing sandwich, nothing else except butter. Still ever so slightly warm. We don’t need to go to town with this format, maybe put some cranberry on i guess.

Will roll this out on my onion bhaji sandwich van ofc though i feel like people arent ready for good sandwiches



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The royal My

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Had the Co op vegan turkey one yesterday. Utter shite

Had a pret toastie with turkey, ham hock and stuffing in it last week

Very nice

Look, I don’t want to fall out, but onion bhaji sandwiches are the work of the devil. Always go for them because my brain sees it as a double snack. Never had a nice one. Last one I got was from the Co-op and it was so bad I nearly wrote to them.

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Had my first of the season. A Tesco Turkey job. Was a LOT of meat. Was ok/10

Invented by the Earl of Christmas

Oh i agree - they make me want to vomit. Never had a good one that i bought in fact having such a bad one made me experiment with making them.

A homemade one srill warm, crispy, with a fried egg is mind blowing

Don’t think I’ve ever bought a sandwich which wasn’t from Subway

This is completely in keeping with what we already know about you.

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the marks and spencer turkey naughty and spice feast is absolutely immense.