Christmas Sandwiches have begun


Just saw Boots’ awkwardly titled ‘pigs under blankets’.

Might get one later out of morbid curiosity.

Anyone getting stuck in yet?


yeah I’ve had a few of the Boots ones

problem is that their sandwiches are always basically frozen and so they just taste of nothing


but FESTIVE nothing


Quite afraid of Christmas this year


Most of them needlessly whack a load of cranberry sauce in, so I’m out, Clive


Yeah, me too.
Let’s call chicken turkey, let’s replace lettuce with a load of sprouts and bung cranberry sauce all over the place. Nah.


Had the M&S turkey feast one for lunch pretty much everyday for the past 3 weeks.


Only Boots and M&S have any out yet. This thread needs to be put on hold for a week until everyone else gets on board.


Do you get a discount?


Tezzas has started.




me too :confused:


Oh ffs.

I’m mostly just jealous I didn’t start this thread last Friday when I saw the aforementioned pigs in blanket sandwich in boots and decided to hold off till November.


pigs UNDER blankets


Yes, yes, I’m sure they’re nice and snug.


I’m actually in quite a Christmassy mood already. Watched The Night Before on Saturday and it got me all festive.



don’t do em. they all have mayo or butter in them, and when they don’t, they’re shit anyway (stung by a rich-t christmas toastie at spennos the other day)


I said it then, and I’ll say it again, serves you right


The M&S one is expensive for a supermarket misery sandwich, but enjoyed it a lot on Monday. Tesco’s is pretty decent for a meal deal one. Anyone tried any others yet this year?