Christmas Sandwiches have begun


Oh my days I love a festive bake. If they’re in Greggs, I’m in Greggs


The Sainos one you can get in the meal deal is an abomination.


some people I know call pigs in blankets angels on horseback


Yeah that is a shit looking sandwich


They’re a different thing, made with oysters I think


Got one of these to have a go on. Will report back. Looks a little dry from the outside


had Co-ops turkey feast today along with their sausage roll/cracker with cranberry.


Whilst it possibly could have done with a touch more cranberry, my fears of dryness were unfounded, and this was a very pleasant sandwich.


Had exactly this today. Would similarly rate it fine/10


Had Tesco turkey and sausage one. Desperately shouting out for some roughage


Got a tuna sandwich from Pret. All of their sandwiches are in the Christmas packaging regardless of their festiveness. Not sure I like that.


Just got the Waitrose Turkey, Stuffing and Bacon sandwich. Currently 25% introductory offer in Croydon Waitrose.

Absolutely sublime.


Any cranberry in there?


And the vegan co-op one. Was like sweet potato fritter w/ beetroot and stuff. Was fairly poor and not xmassy.


Cranberry AND chutney, plus mayo between the turkey side and the bread. Not a hint of dryness.


I’m not a cranberry fan but used sparingly it can be good


The co-op boxing day lunch one is quite nice also. Not a festive bake, but not bad. Might use festive bakes as my new yardstick - this was probably five festive bakes out of a possible Ho Ho Ho


Get yourself down to Marks and Sparks for the turkey feast if you get the chance.


Has anyone seen this mess


I’d like a @tuna sandwich :heart_eyes: