Christmas sandwiches thread - sponsored by Time Out



Anybody tried any of these yet? I’ve had number 6, M&S’ Turkey Feast, was far too sweet because of a too generous amount of cranberry sauce. Had M&S’ pigs in blankets sandwich and that was far nicer.

State of this from Subway, looks like somebody sat on it:


The only one I’ve had is the M&S Turkey Feast which comes in at number 6, and I didn’t like it. So I’m going to pass on the rest of the list, thanks.


Ah so it wasn’t just mine then. Too sweet right? Bacon really stringy?


well, the writing in that article made me angry.

The veggie pret one sounds good though.


Had the Pret one twice now. It’s my go-to.

Remember when Waitrose used to do a three bird roast wrap? Halcyon days.


Haven’t tried any yet, but the M&S Turkey Feast is my go to. Pret and Waitrose try too hard. Crunchy onions? Spinach?! Fuck off, I want a minimum of three meat products, stuffing, cranberry, and AT LEAST 1200 calories per serving. Don’t overreach.


Waitrose do a ham hock and piccalilli sandwhich at Christmas time. Far better than the turkey effort.


Had the veggie Pret baguette when I lunched with @plasticniki - it was good but then that one is just a tried and tested classic. Haven’t seen the normal sandwich variety.


shameless name-dropping


I think the sandwich was probably fine, but it was a bad choice from me as I’m not usually a fan of big wedge of meat sandwiches. I was actually inspired to try it cause people on here always go on about M&S Christmas sandwiches!


I don’t remember it being as abject as that last year. Ha I can only apologise on behalf of the sandwich enthusiasts :laughing:


I tried the pret vegan one and it was so disappointing. Just a bunch of different condiments in a baguette.


Agreed. The parsnip and hazelnut puree was like a crap savoury Nutella. Appreciate the gesture Pret but next year give me a full nut roast in a baguette.


@eltham to thread


they all look disgusting but are still making me really hungry


Christmas sandwiches are way too lamestream now. OVER IT.


The Tesco Turkey and Trimmings is a good sandwich.


I really fancy a bagel rn


I had the Boots Christmas Triple the other week. Not listed on here. It was good value as part of a meal deal but the smoked salmon one was a bit too smoky.


That subway image has properly done me