Christmas Sandwiches

Who’s had one then? Went into the Co-op today and they were sold out of their Turkey Feast. Shelves were full of Boxing Day Lunch or some other shit. Loaded with SLAW. Looked vile.

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I’ve had the Marksies one. 8.5/10.

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There were 2 pret veggie ones last year i think. One rubbish one good. Cant remember which was which.

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Hope they’ve improved the cranberry sauce from last year’s offering.

Sainsbury’s do tubs of ‘pigs mash and gravy’ in the hot food cabinet, bit grim calling sausages pigs but guess it’s truth

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I thinkkk its called Turkey feast

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Been having the M&S Turkey Feast jobber pretty much every day for the past month. It’s good.

Also enjoyed the M&S festive sausage roll, Steak and Peppercorn sauce sandwich and the vegan no turkey feast.

Don’t normally bother with any others as I get M&S discount


M and S no turkey sandwich is excellent, despite being £4.25. Do not @ me.


5% goes to Shelter too

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Been that since I’ve been with M&S I think. It’s a good link.

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Done the Boots Vegan ones.
Christmas Market with Vegan sausage is a bit sweet. Carrot and fake cheese is ok. Cant remember the third.

the Brie and Grape is lovely

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Not really an Xmas sandwich, just a rebadged core range sandwich. Bloody nice this one though

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I stand corrected

Had the Wicked Vegan one today, better than expected. Not the greatest structural integrity (too many small bits between the bread slices) but good tasty.

Not a Thing here so nope

There’s a local sandwich shop that does a Christmas buttie in December, turkey, bacon, stuffing, cranberry, roasties, gravy, in a big barm

I’m holding out for that one


Take a pic when you get one.

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Will do

Had one today. The cranberry sauce still too acidic for my liking. Real shame as the rest was top notch. Well filled.


Stung by it not being in the meal deal. The M&S meal deal is the pits.

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