Christmas Selfie Thread (Official!)


I want to see all of your lovely festive wee faces. Multiple selfies throughout the holidays are encouraged.

Waiting on the lunch to be ready and everyone to arrive

🎄📸 FESTIVE selfie thread! 📸🎄

YAAAAAAAY!!! Love your face :smiley: :heart:

Love that jumper too… and the badge!?! Haha!!! Who is it?


This is called a Mexicano. It tastes a bit like marzipan. Mariah Carey just started blasting out her Christmas classic in the background.


I’m about to roast some chestnuts which is something I’ve never done before!!

:chestnut: :chestnut: :chestnut:


(I cut off half my face cause my hair is HORRENDOUS and have no make up on lol)


It’s a ridiculous photo of my nan thatas put on loads of badges for her 80th birthday :joy::joy: Found one lying around and she died in Jan so I’m just like, WHY NOT.


Oh hey! Sneaky selfie while my poorly TV is draped over me on the sofa.


Aw, it’s SO cool :smiley: Love ittttt.

@meowington You have such pretty eyes!! :heart_eyes_cat:


Dressed up as a tiger to play with the kids…

Thursday Evening Fun



Extremely strong nail game :ok_hand:


Where you at, man?


Got them done on Tuesday but they all had to be cut short cause I broke two bowling! Otherwise they’d be double the length


Cheeky prosecco in the cafe earlier:

[Edited by request]


All of my selfies in these threads are the fucking same. Maybe one day I’ll post one where I’m not wearing my massive scarf and traveling.


simply having a wonderful Christmas time!




Need a shave af


Awww thanks! I don’t even know what colour they are? Grey?