Christmas Selfie Thread (Official!)




Is your eyebrow firing out from the side of your face?




Hey, @Tilly, what’s so bad about travelling in a scarf?


I wish! Pretty sure that’s some wispy hair behind my head


Happy because no small children are staring at me for five fucking minutes selfie.


It’s the ‘i’ve worked a stupid amount of hours this week and am fucked’ selfie. But I’ve finished! Celebrate!


Here’s one with the cat (not a selfie due to the cat trying to escape and almost making me drop my phone mid-selfie attempt)


hello beautiful people of dis




Refuse to move from the sofa

Starting on the gin baubles soon


You look great! X


@Witches join in for xmas? :slight_smile:


Alright dudes.


Haha, maaaaaaaybe.

and only if someone deletes it for me afterwards. @whiterussian ?


On the wanted list or something :wink:


:thinking: I hope not!


Some strong scarf game in this thread @Tilly, @GarethI and @allnerve :scarf: :+1:


The IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAS selfie (with added festive t-shirt) EDIT actually this is a more suitable expression


Bit of a theme here…

Also please note my mug is the same one as the security guard in Paddington 2 has.