Christmas Shopping Completion Standings - Rolling





When do you start telling us that you hate receiving gifts? Do we have to wait until the first Sunday of advent?

0% still haven’t even bought flights back yet

this is making me feel bad

I’m at fucking 0% here Lonzy, there was a time where I’d be in the nineties by the time November rolled around. Most worrying is the fact that I’m at 0% in terms of ideas for what to buy people as well!

I hope I have motivated you.

Yeah sometimes it is tough. I lucked out that my wife dropped her phone down the shitter so that solved that entire problem.

The only people who are easy to buy for are kids.

I was going to leave it until Christmas Eve this year for maximum awkwardness in case you’ve already bought me something.

Can you at -0% if you haven’t even got any ideas yet? If so I’m -30% complete.

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Aye, niece and nephew will be a doddle, there’s some discussion amongst my siblings of chipping in to get my Dad a tank-driving experience day (ffs), will be some bird related stuff for me Ma, dunno for any of my siblings and am worryingly low on ideas for the gf innit.

You are already taken care of:

Chuck her phone down the shitter.


Actually just did my first bit of Christmas shopping today.

I’d say 10%

That would literally be the second best present anyone has ever gotten me. I need a new keyring, too.

i think you did last year too


planning to do it all in November this year to avoid my usual December stress out

Got a few requests/ ideas so feeling reasonably good about the whole thing this year

poll: how many presents do you have to buy? clarification - buying multiple gifts for kid, wife = 1 present.

so, how many separate people do you have to buy presents for?

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Dad - COMPLETED (also got his post-Xmas birthday sorted)
Niece - COMPLETED (also got her pre-Xmas birthday sorted)
TV - One small thing got, still absolutely no idea for main gift
Mum - 0%
Sister 1 -0%
Sister 2 - 0%
Brother - 0%
Brother-In-Law - 0%

Struggling frankly…