Christmas songs: what is the most problematic one?

Was just listening to magix Xmas and the Johnny Mathis song “when a child is born” came on and the censored the “yellow” part naming the ethnicities.

Obviously the main one is fairytale of new York.

Any others?

Morrissey - Merry Morrissey Everybody

Baby it’s Cold Outside


Wonder how many royalties Gary glitter still gets from his

‘Driving Home For Christmas’ - Happily contributing to global warming.

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Arguably the whole of ‘A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector’.

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I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day - promotes reckless capitalism


Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS this Year by Tiny Tim


He doesn’t get a penny as he no longer owns his catalogue/publishing rights but someone will be making money somewhere.

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I think we can all agree that on the flip of this, the purest modern Christmas song is All I Want For Christmas Is You

Really, the greatest story never told is one in which the protagonist of Last Christmas is also the subject of All I Want For Christmas Is You, whose protagonist then becomes the someone special, and one year they finally manage to get their shit together

Yes, I am now writing Christmas song fanfic, what


Do They Know Its Christmas


Those Ladbaby ones


Interestingly (maybe) I watched one of those What’s In Your Bag Amoeba Records videos this morning with Dry Cleaning and one of them picked this, and Spector’s name has understandably been scrubbed from the cover and replaced with the label name (at least on the pressing they showed)


It’s this

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Particularly this year as he’s rumoured to be covering ‘Rabbit Hole’ by Arcade Fire - substituting ‘Rabbit hole’ for ‘sausage roll’.

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‘silent night’

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All of them, cos they all cause problems for me!!! (cos I dislike them all because they’re all shite)


Electric cars baby

The real horror show is that it is actually All I want for Christmas, then Last Christmas

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That’s just a whirlwind romance, unless we’re talking real hearts here (pls join my substack for Christmas song horror content)

Oh wait I can’t read! If you mean teeth, then yeah, urgh