Christmas Songs



i made one once but i don’t use spotify anymore (refuse to subject myself to the absolute shit lack of functionality of the desktop app). quite hard when 90% of them are novelty songs.




I HATE HER CHRISTMAS SONGS. They all appear on the spotify christmas playlist and it’s like nails against a chalkboard.


santa tell me is brilliant


I love how sinister this title is now.

Taylor Swift xmas CD plus Emmy the Great + Tim from Ash CD plus Sufjan box set for me. Summer Camp made a Christmas album last year and I reckon that’s probably amazing but haven’t heard it.




wizardlizard told me of the existence of this cover the other night

haven’t listened to it


Yeah apologies!

(I haven’t listened to it either)


as I put in the other thread, love all the “classics”. biggest gripe is people moaning about them

probs like the Wizzard one least, it’s annoying


I like all the ones that I posted in the other thread


Last Christmas is brilliant


looks like no one loves christmas as much as @shes_so_high loves christmas


Yes!! I really do! I love when it’s acceptable to start listening to my Christmas playlist too (1st December onwards!)


Had the misfortune of hearing this this morning:

Paloma Faith’s backing band with horribly cringey spoken word sections…


Went to see Low the other night and they were playing Old Bob’s mad Christmas record over the PA before/inbetween sets/after. Icing on top of a lovely cake, that was.


Posted in the other thread, but whatever: