Christmas specials

What are your faves? Me and a mate were going to watch one a day of sitcoms but after watching 2 point 4 Children (baffling) and an Are You Being Served ne its not worth it. I did watch Knowing Me Knowing Yule for the first time today, it was brilliant.

The Brian Pern Christmas song one is great, also watched The Office yesterday which is perfection



that the lingerie department one?

obv Knowing Me, Knowing Yule like you said. also Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, and The League of Gentlemen.

Partridge and Father Ted are hard to top! The office crimbo specials are great too.

That was just on tonight. Perfect telly.

yeah I’d swerved it cause I dont really like KMKY but the special is great. the bit at the kids ward :smiley:

aye. it’s Ireland’s biggest lingerie section, i understand.

Ricky Gervais was really good at the Christmas special - both the Office and Extras were great. The first Royle Family special was awesome too.

I’d argue it was more Merchant

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Gavin and Stacey is ace. Watch that every Christmas now with the TV.

I love the Office but the xmas specials are so much worse than anything else (still ok).

Watched the Bojack one last night. It’s ok.

Men Behaving Badly

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Christmas specials are usually quite bad IMO.

Futurama: A Tale of Two Santas is ok however.

theyre not so much worse at all!

Not a special, but Peep Show’s Christmas episode is my absolute favourite of the show’s whole run.

Often say ‘it was a Christmas joke’ when someone reacts badly to a gag, regardless of the time of year. Also can’t help wonder if the shredder I’m using is a real shredder or a nancy-boy shredder.

They are. Too focused on Brent when the beauty (well one part of it) of the programme is that it is an ensemble piece and not just a load of people reacting to Brent. Also Dawn and Tim getting together was crap. Ok Brent stands up to Finchy but whatever.

hmm fair enough but there are still some brilliant moments from the other characters. the bit where theyre doing the agenda and the wet tshirt contest

It’s always sunny


Yeah it’s good but just not as great!